Programme Activity Support

We have updated both the Virtual Programme Activities and the Socially Distanced Activities support on the SES website. In addition, we have provided some resources to support Moving-On Virtually. These resources can be accessed via this Programmes page.

Guidance for completing risk assessments and approving face to face activity

A reminder that from 10th September 2020 Scouting in Scotland is in Yellow Phase. Find out more here

Risk Assessments

Please note that not all ‘Amber’ risk assessments will need to be re-submitted because of these changes. Groups and Sections that have already had their risk assessments approved may wish to amend their current risk assessments to allow for the changes as follows:

  • A Group/Section who’ve already had an ‘Amber’ approved risk assessment for meeting outdoors, but want to increase their numbers outdoors, should simply note this as a change on their local copy. This doesn’t need to be re-approved as there are no new COVID-19 risks identified.
  • A Group/Section who’ve already had an ‘Amber’ approved risk assessment for meeting outdoors, and who want to move to ‘Yellow’ and meet indoors, would need to consider what new COVID-19 risks exist and submit the amended risk assessment for re-approval ensuring that it clearly states that this is ‘Amber to Yellow’. Until that’s approved, they may continue to meet outdoors under their previously approved risk assessment but now with group sizes up to 30.
  • A Group/Section who haven’t submitted a risk assessment before now have the opportunity to include outdoor and indoor options on a single risk assessment in ‘Yellow’. They should not be asked to complete Amber and Yellow risk assessments but make it clear that it is a ‘Yellow Risk Assessment’

Monthly Reviews of COVID-19 Risk Assessments

We have been asked by UK Scouts to highlight that, as with any risk assessment you will need to dynamically review (keep reviewing) your signed off COVID-19 risk assessments as things change. You should also review things more formally on a monthly basis, especially as we move through the year, as the weather and circumstances will change. If significant new risks are identified and added to the risk assessment this will need to be submitted for reapproval. If existing risks are updated the risk assessment should not require reapproval, this would be things such as changes in the maximum number of people present, changes in arrival procedures and hygiene arrangements. Examples of new risks would include meeting in a different environment, moving to meet indoors, introducing overnight / residential activities. These items will need to be added to the existing risk assessment and then submitted for reapproval.  

Model Risk Assessment

In order to assist you in completing your COVID-19 Risk Assessment, we have created a South East Scotland model risk assessment which you can use to help shape your own Risk Assessment, taking into account your local circumstances.  

Church of Scotland Guidance

Current Church of Scotland guidance on reopening of buildings can be found here – Paragraph 7.6.13 is relevant to church-based groups trying to get back inside. 

Whilst it is important to ensure all the risks are identified and are mitigated, please remember the KISS mantra – keep it simple and safe!