If you did not read the recent note from Margery Naylor, the Regional Commissioner about Getting Everyone Back Together Safely in South East Scotland, it can be viewed here. At time of sending out this Newsletter, Scotland remains at Amber which means restricted size group sessions can take place outside.

Risk Assessments

There is lots of guidance on the UK Scouts website on what the procedures are for getting everyone back together safely in Amber.  

You will need to complete a COVID-19 Risk Assessment to gain approval to recommence face to face Scouting which requires sign-off from your GSL or DESC/Group Executive before submitting it via this link for approval by your DC/District Executive  

In order to assist you in completing your Covid19 Risk Assessment, we have created a South East Scotland model risk assessment which you can use to help shape your own Risk Assessment, taking into account your local circumstances.  

You will also need to complete a risk assessment for undertaking specific activities and have these signed off according to your District’s approval process.  

Whilst it is important to ensure all the risks are identified and are mitigated, please remember the KISS mantra – keep it simple and safe!  

Socially Distanced Programme Ideas

A range of socially distanced Programme Ideas from UK Scouts and members are available via this link.

Adventurous Activities

Some of you may be considering doing some form of adventurous activity outdoors – see definition of activities here.

Again, a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and an activity Risk Assessment need to be completed and approved as described above. The Regional Assessors are looking to create model Risk Assessment for each type of adventurous activity but in the meantime if you want any guidance in completing these for hillwalking activities please email hillwalking@sesscouts.org.uk and for all other activities please email maps@sesscouts.org.uk. Please note that no residential activities are permitted when we are in Amber.


There is no pressure to return to face to face Scouting. You know your young people, you know the limitations of your meeting place, the ability of your leaders to be able to return and what your parents are willing to sign back up to. There is no rush to make any changes so, do take a break and have some time for yourself over the Summer and when you do return, offering a fully digital programme or a mix of digital and limited face to face outdoor Scouting whilst we are at Amber, is perfectly OK.

Mike Treanor
Scouting Support Officer