It’s great to see some Groups/Sections restarting Scouting under Amber conditions.  A few reminders for those who are proceeding in this way or are considering a face to face return:

  • We are at currently at AMBER which allows for outdoor face to face Scouting with restricted group sizes (maximum 15 per group) and this number must include leaders and Young Leaders.
  • To return to face to face Scouting outdoors, you must submit a COVID-19 Risk Assessment to your DC or DESC for pre-approval before then submitting it to the Gilwell Smartsheet to receive a formal approval email.
  • We have produced a South East Scotland Regional model risk assessment which you can use as a framework for your Group or Section’s circumstances
  • Social distancing should be maintained during all activities:
    • Under 12s do not need to socially distance from each other but current Scout guidance is they should socially distance from leaders/young leaders (as an extra level of protection and comfort to parents).
    • Overs 12s need to socially distance from each other and must socially distance from leaders/young leaders
    • Leaders/Young Leaders must socially distance from each other
  • The maximum size of group is 15 and no-one must change groups
  • Separate groups must remain a minimum of 25m apart at all times
  • Ensure all members follow suitable hygiene conditions including washing of hands before and after a session and during activities where applicable.
  • You must accurately record who is in each of your group/separate groups for the Track and Protect programme.
  • There must be written risk assessments by 31st December 2020 for all activities – this short, 8-minute video provides some good guidance
  • When doing an outdoor activity your GSL or DESC must know where you are and what you are doing – sharing your programme and activity risk assessment, where applicable, in advance is recommended
  • UK Scout’s required adult to young people (including young leaders) ratios can be found via this link and should be adhered to
  • External activity providers can be used for programmes post approval of a COVID-19 Risk Assessment (and an activity Risk Assessment as required).

If you require additional information/detail on these matters please refer to this helpful document from Russell Shoulder, Regional Adviser, Safety.

Note also that the FAQs on the UK Scouts site are updated on a weekly basis in regard to all elements of the guidance. As of 3rd September, England amended the Amber readiness status but these changes do not apply to Scotland.

A reminder:

There is no pressure to return to face to face Scouting. You know your young people, you know the limitations of your meeting place, the ability of your leaders to be able to return and what your parents are willing to sign back up to. As you begin return after the Summer, it’s perfectly OK to offer a fully digital programme or a mix of digital and limited face to face outdoor Scouting whilst we are at Amber.

Socially Distanced Programme Ideas

A range of socially distanced Programme Ideas from UK Scouts and members are available via this link.

Virtual Programme Ideas

A range of virtual Programme Ideas from UK Scouts and members are available via this link