#GoodForTwo – Friends made at Scouts

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A tale of two friends who met at Scouts

Lisa Edgar and Vicki Fraser

This Founder’s Day it is also #Twosday. Inspired by the #GoodForYou campaign, we’re encouraging families, parents, carers, guardians and all residents in South East of Scotland to join in #GoodForTwo from Founder’s Day on 22/2/22 onwards and come and try volunteering with Scouts. Who knows you could meet your best friend or spouse!? Worth considering if you are new to an area or want to get to know more people.

Research tells us adults are more likely to volunteer if they can do it with someone they know. That’s why #GoodForYou is Good for Two on 22/2/22 and everyday hereafter! 

We’d like to share one story of two ladies who met in Scouting and have formed a great friendship….and launched our very first South East Scotland Squirrel Drey in the 25th Braid Scout Group. These two are friends who not only have fun and adventure with the young people but enjoy the rewarding part volunteering with Scouts provides, and doing it together makes it so much more better. Please meet Lisa and Vicki. 

Making friends through volunteering:

Lisa Edgar, Squirrel Scout Leader and Assistant Cub Scout Leader, 25th Braid Scout Group
Vicki Fraser, Assistant Squirrel Scout Leader and Cub Scout Leader, 25th Braid Scout Group

I have volunteered with Scouts for almost 2 years now. I started with Cubs in 2020 on Zoom during lockdown! As a child I was an active Girl Guide from Brownies to Rangers and Young Leaders. That was before the time that girls could join Scouts. 

I joined Scouts at the beginning of 2020 and just before I could attend my first Cub meeting lockdown began. This meant that my initial experience of Cubs was a virtual one. It was a slightly unusual start but it was great to be able to connect with a new group of people even if it were only on a screen initially. Once we were able to meet in person we made full use of the outdoors, holding our weekly meetings at local parks and hills. I feel lucky to have had a great group to engage with when moving out of the social isolation of COVID. Both the Leaders and Cubs made me feel very welcome joining their group. In the relatively short time that I have been involved with Scouts I have met and been able to work with lots of wonderful people. 

A few years ago, my son was very keen to join Beavers, so I put his name on a waiting list in anticipation of his 6th birthday. As he approached Beaver age, it became apparent that some groups needed extra adult volunteers to be able to offer places to new Beavers. As I was already volunteering with two other groups I knew that I would enjoy helping out and was happy to offer my time. I joined as an Assistant Cub Leader, happy to help at weekly meetings but at the time, thought I would probably keep my involvement limited to just that. When I first joined, I didn’t realise how many other interesting volunteering opportunities would arise with Scouts.

I was fortunate to be part of the team opening the new Squirrels Drey in our group. It has been a lovely experience working with an enthusiastic team learning and delivering the completely new Squirrel programme to our youngest members.  

When I initially volunteered I didn’t expect to meet such an amazing group of people and to make some real friendships. I met Vicki at Cubs where we both volunteer each week. Clearly that wasn’t enough as we now volunteer together with 3 weekly groups and have been known to get together socially too. Our sons are both in Cubs and our daughters have made good friends and are currently enjoying both Squirrels and Rainbows together. 

I’ve learnt through my volunteering that even our youngest members can teach you something! Our Squirrels have a slightly different view on the world around them and they can come up with some really interesting and creative ideas. 

I have gained so much from the opportunities that I was given as a child. As a volunteer, it is great to be able to offer a range of similar, new experiences for our Cubs and Squirrels. I enjoy seeing their excitement when they master a new skill or when they overcome a challenge that they didn’t think they could. Volunteering gives me the chance to try new things and spend time outdoors, while sharing these experiences with lovely groups of people. 

Volunteering for a youth organisation was something I’d had in my mind for a while.  I was a brownie and guide and got so much from those experiences and knew how much of that was down to the amazing leaders.  So, back in 2017 when my son was coming up to Beaver age joining the group he’d be a part of made perfect sense – and it let him start that bit sooner too!  Whilst I wanted to have a hand in the scouting experiences he’d have, I was also keen to give him some space and the group were looking for Cub and Scout leaders so I chose Cubs. 

At that time the group were running two Cub packs and after six months I took over running the pack as our Cub Scout Leader moved to be our Group Scout Leader. We merged the packs not long after and for the last 4 or so years we’ve had a lot of fun running one large Cub pack, helping children have amazing experiences in scouting, with The Howling being a definite highlight.
The last couple of years have been challenging – Cubs and Zoom was definitely a learning curve.  We’re very proud of the way our Cubs handled online Cubs and when we went back face to face outside it was great to get back together.  We now meet outside all the time, because we realised that both the Cubs and leaders were happier out in the fresh air, even when it comes with the Scottish elements! 
One of the things which has made my volunteering experience great has been all the fantastic volunteers I’ve worked with over that time, in Cubs and in the wider 25th Braid leader, young leader and exec teams.  In 2020 we had a new leader, Lisa, join Cubs and her enthusiasm for delivering great activities for the Cubs was clear early on.  As I then learned, she’s an experienced guiding leader and is always game to try things in new and different ways.  When I heard she and another leader were looking at starting a Squirrel Drey I jumped at the chance to help with involving younger children in Scouting.  By November last year, the 25th Braid Squirrel Drey was a reality!  Aside from being Cub and Squirrel leaders together, I also help Lisa out with her Rainbow group, but when not volunteering we’ve also been known to catch up for drinks and throw the odd axe (safely of course!).

When I originally decided to volunteer, it was about giving back and delivering the same types of experiences to children that I’d been lucky enough to have myself.  What I didn’t realise was that over the last few years I would have so many new experiences and fun myself.  Sure, being kept up all night at camp by Cubs is exhausting, but teaching them new skills and watching them learn about themselves is brilliant.  And you really never can tell what craziness Cubs and Squirrels will come up with next and that honestly puts a huge grin on my face every time I see them all.

Come and try volunteering with Scouts:

  • * Did you know you do not need to have had any prior Scouting experience to be an adult volunteer with Scouts?
  • * Did you also know that we have hundreds of volunteering vacancies available across the South East of Scotland – East Lothian, Midlothian, Pentlands, Borders and Edinburgh?
  • * And did you know you can ‘come and have a go’ at volunteering? Introducing ‘Twosday’.

ou can see first hand what we do and what the fuss is all about. Experience the fun and benefits offered by Scouting. What’s not to like! 

Find your nearest Scout Group here.

We know volunteering with Scouts is #GoodForYou, even better when it’s Good For Two!