On a lovely summer day, 20th July, Longcraig welcomed many people through the doors  – new and old.

New, because our current members brought along a few folks who might wish to help us out in the near future and pass on their skills they have learned in water sports.

Old, because around 50 people gathered together (or came when they could) and a few of these were old enough to have been involved when the first small wooden hut was erected at Longcraig Pier.

The photos show:

Tony Jones (whose father, Dave Jones as Sea Activity Commissioner, was part of the initiative to bring sea activities to the shelter and availability of Longcraig back in 1969) and his wife Pat light the candles depicting 50 years of activities. Tony was a Venture Scout when Longcraig started, and for may years was a qualified sailing instructor on our team.

Tommy Scott, now well over 80, has been a supported of Longcraig since the beginning, alongside his close interest in 7th North East Sea Scout Group. Tommy kindly wielded the Big Knife and cut the cake, appropriately designed and made representing a sandcastle.

Amongst the others who were able to join us, were around three or four who are all turning 50 this year too, so the cake had a particularly special meaning as we wished everyone a very Happy Birthday! At least one visitor flew in from Dublin, just for the day, in order to come back and reminisce with her ex-colleagues!

As it was a particularly nice day (despite the forecast of rain and wind……) a number of folks took advantage of some boat trips, and the chat and BBQ continued well into the evening.

Our thanks also reach out to the Craigalmond ASU team who ably provided a steady supply of soup, tea and coffee throughout the day and then administered the Barbeque and toasts as the afternoon went on.

It was a great way to formally say Thank You to those who have gone before us and who helped int heir own way, to the creation of the Centre we have today – 100,000 Young People later!


In this our 50th Anniversary Year, we are offering the opportunity to try a new activity – the Dutch call it Wadlopen, we call it a Mud Walk!

It only happens about three of four times a year, when we have very large spring tides, and the area where out boats are moored dries out completely. We have about one hour to explore the dried out sea bed and discover some of the wild life (and other things) that lurk there. And you will get a bit muddy…….

This year, as a trial, adults only. It has to take place on Friday 30th August. Low water is 08.18 so we will start off at 7.45am at Longcraig Scout Centre. Tea, coffee and Mississippi Mud Cake available afterwards (and perhaps a bacon roll). There is a nominal charge for this event of £5 all of which will go towards the costs of the anniversary special events. Please contact Ian Harrower ian.harrower2@virgin.net if you would like to come along and get your boots muddy.