Gilwell have announced they are happy to give some relaxation regarding their advice about not publishing both names and photographs of young people on social media. See the advice below:

Safeguarding young people

There have been concerns about the risks to children and young people when their images are used online (including on social networking sites and YouTube etc) and in publications by following a few simple guidelines (based upon those suggested by the NSPCC) you will reduce the potential for concern.

  • Unless you have consent from parents/guardians you should avoid using the full name when giving a picture of a young person to the media or when publishing an image on social media or on a website.
  • Seek parental permission (see above)
  • Only allow photographs to be taken of suitably dressed subjects and in appropriate situations
  • Follow Young People First (the Yellow Card) at all times 

The full guidance can be found at

It replaces the previous advice (Avoid using both the name and the photograph of a young person in a printed publication, social media or on a website), with immediate effect, and so allows slightly more scope where people wish to use it, provided there is parental permission.