Gullane Beavers had some press coverage in the East Lothian Courier about their Inside/Out Defibrillator Campaign. 

Having had CPR and Defib training from Save-a-Life for Scotland, the Beavers realised it was far cheaper to get an existing (inside) defib moved outside than to get a brand new defib. 

As a result, and with support from the local Community Council, Gullane Dentist’s, Gullane Games Committee, Save-a-Life for Scotland and Gullane Golf Club the Beavers raised funds. These funds have helped to pay to move the existing inside defib at Gullane Golf Club visitor’s clubhouse to an outside and 24-hour publicly accessible location.

We now have two 24-hour publicly accessible defibs in Gullane, but our campaign to get more continues and the latest news is that we have secured funding for a further defib in Gullane via the British Heart Foundation and a housebuilder. In addition, both local churches, the dentists and a further charity wish to donate towards yet another defib (we’re not complaining)!


As covered in last month’s Regional Newsletter, we want to start keeping a record of the events or activities, like the one above, which our young people in South East Scotland have already done in 2019/2020 and going forward, to help other people and our environment.

We know that most activities are on hold at this time but we would like to ask all Sections to review what Community initiatives, activities, fundraising etc you have completed since July 2019 and for each complete the survey which can be located via the attached link.


Mike Treanor
Scouting Support Officer