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We’re bobbing along ………..on Christopher Wave……etc

(With due apologies to our colleagues in Gang Show!)

By the time you are reading this, Longcraig will have started to welcome Scouts back to take part in water activities! It’s been a long wait – for you just as it has been for us! The first of our sailing boats went on the water in mid-April, and others have followed. We have new moorings and mooring buoys this year for them to park at.

At this time, we are now almost fully booked for May and June but we still have slots in July and August & into September. Thank all those that have booked and apologies to those that have been unable to find a space. Centre operations are limited for this year to allow our volunteers and equipment to settle back into “normal” operations and to make sure that we continue to keep everyone safe, within the building, in the boats, and do our bit to help prevent any unnecessary spread of coronavirus.

We do hope to be able to open up additional slots for bookings as the season develops and we gain confidence that our new and tightened procedures are all working. We’ll keep you posted through these newsletters, and also by way of the ‘waiting list’ that we have set up this year, and we will provide additional slots only if we feel they can be supported.

You can find the latest updates at: www.longcraig.info.

Remember to consider:

· We have introduced a special date in the calendar each month, to enable individuals, or small numbers from a group or section, to take part in activities without the need to have a full group which meets the minimum numbers

· The May one is on Saturday, May 28th.

· Sadly, we can’t offer any spaces for the June one, as it’s already full!

If these are successful, we do hope to be able to offer a similar date in July and August as well.

Summer Opportunities:

Whilst we have seen a lot of booking activity in the early part of the year (May and June) we would like to remind everyone that water activities continue throughout the summer. And, it’s often warmer and sunnier then too!

So please give consideration to an activity session in July or August or through into September – at the time of writing there’s a reasonable amount of availability so if you didn’t find what you wanted in the early summer have another look and pick up a slot over the summer months instead!

Did you know that you can hire some of our activity equipment for your summer camp or your family event? (Always p[provided that is being used safely and in line with Scout rules!). For details of what we have available, and an indication of costs, please contact getinvolved@longcraig.info

Facility updates

The old fencing is now all cleared, and we’ve cracked on (carefully and slowly!) with erecting the new fencing. 

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far (see photo), and we’ve already planted some new trees along the fence line to replace the ones we had to remove from our micro forest.

Training Courses

We are planning to run a dinghy sailing course (junior or adult level) over the weekend of 11/12 June.

On the same weekend we are also offering a Powerboat Course which would lead to the RYA Powerboat Certificate or contribute to a selection fo Scout and Explorer badges and awards. For details of what’s involved in either of these please contact mleckie@longcraig.info