History is fun with the 8th Braid Salaam Scouts

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History can be so much fun thanks to Stirling Castle and Historic Environment Scotland.

The 8th Braid Salaam Scout Groups – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts – enjoyed being chief guests on a summer trip to Stirling Castle in June.

The visit began as a result of 
Historic Environment Scotland (HES) discovering an Islamic glass fragment at Caerlaverock Castle. HES approached the 8th Salaam Scouts to get involved in the project. Unfortunately, Caerlaverock Castle (where the fragments were found) excavation site was closed, so a visit to Stirling castle was organised for the Group. 

The Stirling Castle visit was fantastic and a big hit with the 8th Salaam Scout Group. There was so much to see and learn about. The staff in costume were very knowledgeable and were able to answer the many questions the Cubs had for them. All of them had a great time, with many saying they would like to come back and visit with their family. It was a day of exploration and history, in a fun way! #SkillsForLife
Overall, the Cubs had a really enjoyable time in each of the different sessions. The Group also had time for Dhur & Asr prayer in Stirling Castle. 
During the term:
The Scout Group also organised two workshops. The first was with Historic Environment Scotland to explain how an excavation works and the science behind it. The Cubs were fascinated with the history of the Islamic glass fragment, asking lots of questions about archaeology and how the fragment was discovered. And the second involved a creative activity. They really enjoyed the hands-on calligraphy collage activity, working in pairs to produce really colourful artwork. The science session was very engaging and educational, where they learnt how x-rays are used to identify materials in the glass fragment. Learning about 3D modelling was very interesting especially when they got the chance to take photographs of their own item they had each brought in.
More about the Islamic glass fragments:
These small fragments of glass probably came from a drinking beaker. They were found during excavations carried out at Caerlaverock Castle in the late 1990s. The Arabic inscription includes part of the word ‘eternal’. This suggests that it could be an extract from the Qur’an. The glass dates to the 12th or 13th century, and may have been made in modern-day Syria, or Iraq or Egypt. All were centres of Islamic glass making during this period.

Ways to help the 8th Braid Salaam Scout Group:

1: Volunteer some of your time by helping run a session. You might have first aid skills or cooking skills or some other skills that young people could benefit from.
2: You could volunteer to serve on our Executive Committee.
3: You could volunteer to become an adult leader and work with the scout group to deliver interesting programmes to our young people. Come along and try it out if you want to get an insight into what it involves.
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