If it is between 1 and 5 years, are you due to have a quiet talk with your GSL or manager about your work and how we can support you? We know that some people have never had a review. We also know that most people work better if they have, from time to time, the opportunity to discuss how they are doing and where they are going. 

So we want to encourage every leader and manager to have or hold reviews in 2019-20. They are not hard to do and can be very helpful!

A review in Scouting is simply an opportunity to look at what has happened since you started your role, or since your last review, and to see what further support and guidance you might need. It is definitely not the same as the performance appraisals that many people have experienced at work.

A review consists of a meeting between you, as a leader, and your line manager, in comfortable surroundings, to discuss how you are getting on. The benefits are that problems can be sorted, more support given if needed, and hopefully you will be more motivated. Your manager will know more about how you feel and your views on the future.

Scouting reviews can be both formal and informal, depending on what stage you are at. An informal review should be held annually, and can be just a 20 minute chat or longer, but it is a chance to take stock and plan for the future. Here is a proposed form for GSLs and Managers to use:

Informal Review 01 2019

A formal review takes place after 5 years in role or at the end of an appointment. Agreement should be discussed about whether your appointment should be renewed, or perhaps whether you should apply to take on a different role. A new format for the 5 year review has been issued this year:

Appointment Review AR Form

Review meetings help all of us in making sure that people are in the right roles, both for themselves and for Scouting, leading to happier leaders and so better Scouting delivered for our young people to enjoy.

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner, South East Scotland Scouts Region.