Important reminder about Outdoor Activities

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May 2022 Update:

Now that we are coming into warmer weather, thoughts turn to outdoor activities within scouting. So it’s a good time to remind ourselves that adventurous activities require prior to sign off by your DC (or delegate) and a written risk assessment. 

Many activities will require the Leader to have a permit so you should check this out whilst planning your activity. 

Activities on the water including swimming or the use of any equipment including inflatables should be considered carefully. If the activity is taking place on anything other than class C waters <…/general…/class-c-waters/> then a permit will be required. 

Permits are also required for activities in terrain other than terrain 0 (T0) – <…/terrain-zero-activities/

Any questions please ask Bruce or one of the assessors or if you would like to be considered for a permit. You will be covered under Scout insurance if you follow the rules and you will have the support of the Scouts in the event of a claim, however, this is unlikely to apply if you have not followed the rules.

Thank you for your support.