Improvements for the 42nd Pentland (Currie) Scout Hall

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The 42nd Pentland (Currie) Scout Hall was in need of improving the acoustics of its facilities to offer a healthier environment for Scouts and third-party lets. So the Team set about upgrading and investing time and resources. 
First of all, the main hall was treated with absorbing acoustic solutions which now greatly reduces the reverberation time and improves the speech clarity, making it a more enjoyable experience for all. We know excitable Scouts, of any age, can be loud when they are having so much fun so this is kinder on the ears of all! The sound improvements were thanks to a grant which the 42nd secured.
Other hall improvements:

* The exterior roughcasting is completed to ensure the hall is wind and water tight for winter.
* The main hall has been painted inside.
* New fire emergency lighting and energy-saving lights on sensors have been installed throughout the rooms to help lower energy usage and bills.
* A new gate has been built which provides improved security. It was fixed and treated by Men’s Shed who we have been given the use of their land for their container. As part of the 42nd being part of the community, they kindly support the Men’s Shed and their Monday meeting place.
* And finally, the 42nd have fitted a tamperproof thermostat to stop the mystery person from putting the boiler on to heat all the time and forgetting to switch it of! How kind of them!

The hall is a focal point for the community, providing a meeting area for Scouts and parents alike, and a location for community events. Therefore, all these modifications will offer short and longer-term improvements for the Scouts and the wider community. Not only does this transformation provide a community hall that is an improvement on facilities, it will also allow the Scouts to enjoy the amazing programme of activities offered by the fantastic leadership team at the 42nd so much better.

Would you like to join the 42nd Team as an adult volunteer?

Well done to the amazing leadership team at the 42nd Pentland Scout Group in Currie. They are looking for new faces to join the team across the Beaver, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Everyone is welcome as an adult volunteer. It’s fab, friendly and fun! Come and join us. Why not email for an informal chat.