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In the South East Scotland Regional Strategy we have set ourselves a goal of: “Actively reducing barriers to membership for both young people and adult volunteers to help make Scouting in the Region representative of our wider communities by 2025”. 

To support this goal, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new Inclusion Fund, specifically designed to help overcome barriers to support young people and adult volunteers participating in Scouting. The £10,000 Fund is open to all Sections, Groups, Districts or Regional led activity.  

Possible initiatives which this funding could be used to support include: 

  • – Taster Events (potentially utilising our Regional Centres) for those who experience barriers to traditional Scouting  
  • – Partnerships with organisations to support provision of Scouting in areas of deprivation 
  • – Developing community relations  
  • – Resources to support making the demographic of our adult volunteers representative of the communities within South East Scotland.  
  • – Improving our recruitment and induction of volunteers.  
  • – Purchase equipment to make venues or activities more accessible 
  • – Venue costs for a new section in an area where Scouting has traditionally struggled e.g. areas of deprivation
  • – Training for adult volunteers and/or young people 

How to apply
You can complete this form if you wish to apply for a grant from the Inclusion Fund. Please ensure your District Commissioner (or Regional Commissioner for Regional initiatives) is aware of and supports your application.  

More about other funding options
You can find out more about the Inclusion Fund via the document below and on our Funding page where you can also find information about other funds available to support different aspects of Scouting from South East Scotland, Scouts Scotland or UK Scouts. 

We believe that Scouting should be accessible to everyone, and the Inclusion Fund is a crucial step in helping us to achieve that goal.   

Martin Elliot 
Regional Commissioner  
South East Scotland Scouts

Click on the below image to read more about our Inclusion Fund. Applications for grants from the Inclusion Funds can be submitted by completing this form.  

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The Regional Executive Committee is committed to developing Scouting in our Region. We want to support the work of leaders at a local level to provide fun and adventure for young people in every section, unit and network within our Region. These funds arose from donations given to the Region and we hope they will enable everyone to have the opportunity to be part of Scouting and develop skills for life. 

Funding is available from a variety of sources to support different aspects of Scouting in South East Scotland. Please click to find out more.