Jacob Wood volunteers at HM The Queen’s Lying in State

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Doing his final duty to the Queen

120 Scouts aged 18-25 gave their time to support the thousands of people who paid their respects to our late Patron, HM Queen Elizabeth II in London. Included in this roll call was Jacob Wood, Assistant Scout Leader at Bonnyrigg Scouts, part of the Midlothian Scout District, which is one of 7 Districts in the South East Scotland Scouts Region. Jacob is also a student at Heriot-Watt University and works as a Lifeguard and Swim Teacher for Midlothian Council.

Jacob was on the night shift. He helped people in the final stretch of the queue, taking in items and supporting those wishing to pay their respects.  He also dealt with in part the accessible queue into Westminster Hall. After his final shift, he joined fellow Scouts to watch the funeral at Gilwell before starting his return journey home on Monday 19th September evening.

South East Scotland Scouts would like to say a personal thanks to Jacob for helping to facilitate the queue for The Queen’s Lying in State. He was engaging and respectful to all. We are proud of you, and all the other Scouts, for doing your final duty to our late Patron, Queen Elizabeth II.

The 'night owls'
Jacob and fellow Scouts
Jacob Wood
Jacob said: “I chose to put my name forward as it is every Scouts Promise “to do their duty to the Queen” and by doing this I felt I was accomplishing one of the many important things we promise to do. The Queen has been very special and supportive of Scouting throughout her reign. Scouts helped at her Coronation so we have played our part from start to end.” 
Jacob has kindly shared some photographs from his time in London. Thank you for giving us a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your night shift and what you undertook.
End of the queue before security where the public were prepped.
Collecting blanket in to redistribute to others or have washed to give to charity
Collecting sealed non-perishable food
Supporting those in the queue
Night shift on the bus back to Gilwell
Night shift duty
Night shift queues

As Scouts, we have a long history of supporting the nation and serving our communities, so we’re honoured to play our part in such a significant moment for the Nation. Here’s a photo of the initial briefing in Gilwell as the first planning began.

Scouts CEO, Matt Hyde OBE, chatting to the young volunteers during their briefing at Gilwell Park

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