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We all volunteer in Scouting for a variety of reasons that are personal to each of us.  Possibly to pass on some of the fun we had as youth members, maybe to give something back to the community, maybe as a parent, your child’s section was struggling for adult support, perhaps it’s a useful addition to your CV – whether for further education or in the workplace, maybe you simply enjoy working with young people and helping them grow as individuals.  Whatever the reason, learning is part of the volunteer’s role, and even those who have been involved for a long time will learn things they didn’t know before – often from the young people! 

Did you know there could be a further benefit to you?  Were you aware that Scout training for adults is externally recognised?  The following information is from the Adults Personal File for Section Leaders: 

‘The Institute of Leadership and Management is a professional body for managers. They partner with individuals and employers across the world to improve leadership and management performance through learning and development. When you have gained your Wood Badge as a Section Leader, manager or supporter you are eligible to join the ILM at the grade of Associate Member, or Member if you have other management qualifications or experience (e.g. three years further experience in your Scouting role). As an Associate Member, you may use the letters AMInstLM after your name.  

Benefits include professional recognition, lifestyle discounts, Harvard Business School resources, access to ILM’s regional evening events, a free legal helpline, and Edge – the magazine that you will receive nine times a year.’ 

Could this be that little something that separated you from so many other applicants for a job, or for a promotion?  If you are volunteering in Scouting that’s undoubtedly on your CV already, could ILM membership be of benefit to you? 

This is true as well as of course acquiring your Wood badge upon completion of your leadership training. The Wood Badge is the internationally recognised Scouting training insignia consisting of two wooden beads threaded onto a leather thong which is worn with the Scout uniform.

Is your adult learning up to date? Why not catch up over the summer by booking one of our courses or schedule your own online learning.

Keeping young people and adults safe in Scouting is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, making sure that everyone  – you – has the right (and most up-to-date) training, support and guidance to help you to do this and take any action required is really important. Everyone needs to know where to go for resources and support and be able to comply with our policies. The priority, as always, is to make sure that all our members are up to date with your training and we ask everyone to check you have completed the latest safety, GDPR, first aid and safeguarding online training for your role.

Thank you and keeeep learning!

Mary Dick, ADC Training 


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