Lauderdale Scout Group have launched a brand-new Squirrel Drey

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Welcome to our next generation of Scouts in the Scottish Borders.

Exciting news!

On Friday 22nd February, 16 children and 5 Adults joined the ever-expanding Scout Group based in Lauder, Scottish Borders. We are pleased to announce another new Squirrel Drey in South East Scotland Scouts!

The new Squirrel Scouts are boys and girls aged four and five and form the Scout Groups new Squirrel Drey. Trisha Barker is the new Section Leader for the Drey said: “We have been blown away by the number of children who wanted to join Squirrels. We started the Drey in February and all the new Squirrels  are already working on their membership badge and “all about me” Challenge award”. 

Trisha went on to say: “It’s been a really great start for the Squirrel Drey with so many parents volunteering to become new Leaders for the Scout Group. The team of five new Leaders were supported by the Beaver Leaders and the Group Scout Leader from Lauderdale. Having already completed the ‘Getting Started Scout Training’ and ‘First Aid  Scout Training’, the new Squirrel Drey Leaders were quickly ready to run the Section by themselves.” 

Jenny one of the parents of one of the new Squirrels said: Fergus loves coming to Squirrels and doing the fun activities playing games and having a story, he particularly likes the songs that they sing at the start and the end of the meetings, and he was very excited to get is red Squirrel jumper. 

Andy Beaumont, Group Scout Leader, added: “Last year when we looked at our waiting list for Beaver Scouts, we identified we had enough interest now to start a Squirrel Drey Section once permission was granted. We decided to ran a taster session on National Squirrel Appreciation Day 21st of January for young people and parents. It was then that we talked about becoming a Leader and the process. We also explained a little about the Squirrel programme, Online Scout Manager and how to run a Squirrel Drey. We then ran a few games with the children, and after the session six  kind and willing parents came forward looking forward to setting up a Drey. We were and are so grateful to them. The Squirrels are proving so popular with enquiries. We already have a waiting list large enough to consider starting a second Drey!” 

More about Lauderdale Scout Group:

Lauderdale Scout Group were originally established in 1921, but since 2010 they have grown from 8 Cubs and 5 Scouts to a Group of 235 young people and Adults.  That: 16 Squirrels (4+5 yrs), 44 Beavers (6-8 yrs), 47 Cubs (8-10 yrs), 45 Scouts (10-14 yrs) and 37 Explorers and Young Leaders (14-18 yrs) all supported by 46 Adults. If you’d like to take part as an adult volunteer in Lauderdale or another Border Scouts District Scout Group please contact Scouting Support Officer Kirstie Armsworth.   


Volunteering’s not just about giving back – the benefits go both ways. All of our activities are run by amazing volunteers. Volunteering lets you try new things, meet new people, and make a difference. We know that volunteering is #GoodForYou because when you volunteer, you’ll:

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Volunteering will keep your body and brain active as you make a huge difference to young people’s lives – helping them develop skills for life and learn a whole lot about themselves along the way.

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