Lead Volunteer's #Outdoorin24 Challenge List

Can you help Martin, our Lead Volunteer, to complete his #Outdoorin24 Challenge across 2024? 

There are still some empty entries on the list – can you suggest a challenge for him to complete?

  • Build A Den

  • Sit Round A Campfire

    Completed at Pentland Brass Monkey Camp

  • Sleep in a Tent

    Completed at Pentland District Brass Monkey Camp

  • Cook Something Outdoors

  • Make Some Wild Art

  • Go Stargazing

  • Hike or Walk with a Journey Stick

  • Special Challenge

    Look out for more details on how to join me for this later in the year

  • Take part in a race

    Completed at 7th Braid Cubs Athletics Night

  • Get as Muddy as Possible

  • Have an adventure on wheels

  • Try an activity with snow or sand

  • Plant something

  • Go paddling