Validation of Completed Modules: Action Required


As you are probably aware, South East Scotland Region is an Early Adopter with regard to the Transformation of the Volunteer Experience.

As part of this, our membership data currently on Compass, including the training members have completed and which has been validated, will transfer over to a new Digital System in 2024.

However, training which has been completed but is unvalidated will not be migrated onto the new system.

Therefore, if you have unvalidated training, it is very important that you take action before the end of the year otherwise you may need to re-do some modules post the Transition to the new system.

1. Getting Started Modules

This comprises:

All Volunteers

Essential Information (Module 1)*

Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Section Assistants

Tools for the Role – Section Leaders (Module 3)
Personal Learning Plan (Module 2) not section assistants

Managers & Supporters (GSLs, DCs, ASU Managers, assistants and deputies of same)

Tools for the Role – Managers and Supporters (Module 4)
Personal Learning Plan (Module 2)

Trustees (including office bearers)

Trustee Introduction*

REQUIRED ACTION BY END 2023: If you have completed the modules marked with *, but not had them validated, please send the Certificate generated at the end of the module to your Training Adviser or Line Manager and ask them to validate the training on Compass.

If you have completed either version of Tools for the Role,please send the certificate to your Training Adviser and discuss with them what you will do / have done to meet the validation requirements.

The Personal Learning Plan for Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Managers and Supporters can be done in discussion with a Training Adviser – reach out to them to arrange a meeting to discuss.

2. Training Beyond Getting Started – (Wood Badge Requirements)

This comprises Modules 5,7,8,9,11,12a,12b,13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 plus any other additional modules you have completed.

REQUIRED ACTION BY END 2023. If you have completed these modules, but not had them validated, please engage your Training Adviser or Line Manager and work with them to have your training validated and ask them to update Compass.

Alternatively, for Modules 5,7,8,9,11,12a,12b,13,14,15,16,17, 18 and 19 you can go into this online portal and submit your validation evidence and a member of the Regional Team will review this and confirm validation.

3. Mandatory Ongoing Learning

There is a requirement to complete the Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid Modules (for some roles) within the first five months of joining as a volunteer and then every three years.  Please check Compass to see when your mandatory learning expires and, if necessary, renew any that have expired or will expire soon. For Safety and Safeguarding simply work through the online learning then send the certificate to your Training Adviser or Line Manager and ask them to validate the training on Compass.

For First Aid, either book a face to face course (check Eventbrite for dates), or if you prefer the blended model register here and begin working through the elearning.  Don’t forget that after the elearning you still need to join a Zoom session (10A confirmation) and then a practical demonstration (10B) to complete the requirements.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact

Compass Updates: Action Required


To enable us all to get ready for the new Membership Systemwhich is coming in early 2024, it would be very helpful if all adult volunteers in South East Scotland could update the key elements of their personal information on Compass.

You can login to Compass here and more details of how to check/update your details can be found here Updating-Compass.pdf

Thanks for your support in this matter.