South East Scotland Regional Scout Council

Regional Development Project Review August 2015

The Legacy

To access the legacy of the project, we have included below a number of comments given via the online questionnaire on the difference the development project made to Scouting.

Wider cross section of the public is more aware of Scouting in their area.
Although most of what we do in our sections etc stayed the same, we got better at the background stuff, which has made us better able to prepare and engage with the young people during section meetings.
Enlarged the Region in numbers of YP, Leaders, sections and groups. Given support and facilitated Groups to expand.
Focused Group Exec on issues leading to better quality Scouting for all members of the Group.
For our Group it has made a big impact with about half of our recent recruits coming from the Development Project.
Having a central person responsible for getting volunteers to the right place and providing assistance with getting new Groups off the ground made a big difference to us in helping us not only keep going but also to expand.
I think it has made a huge positive impact on Scouting. The input to new sections was invaluable, and made these sections much more efficient, aware and ready to succeed.
Raised awareness of Scouting in the community.
It has had a great impact on the number of new sections / groups and leaders – and also on raising awareness amongst leaders about development.
Massive. Without the LDO’s input we would have taken much longer to get the new Group off the ground. With the input it made the daunting task of starting as a leader much easier with support, advice and attendance at the initial weekly meets.
Not sure if the resource hadn’t been there if the projects would have succeeded.
Offered a great deal of support to ensure the continued presence of Scouting in the local area.
Raised the profile of Scouting. Having one key contact with links and experience across the Region made it easier for links between Groups with similar experiences
The development project is a very positive support for people wanting to get evolved in Scouting. It gave me confidence to become an AGSL and I am now trying to recruit 1 of my friends based on the support which I received.
The difference the development project has made for Scouting in our Group and locality is life changing as we now have 24 more young people and 3 leaders all active and loving Scouting. I think that each Region would benefit hugely from a LDO to support new leaders and Groups when existing volunteers are often already stretched so unable to develop new sections or more adventurous Scouting experiences. There is an ever increasing demand for Scouting in every locality so support from the Region to help each locality respond to this demand through the network of existing and new volunteers is needed. This support will afford a reach into hard to reach and sometimes isolated groups of people which can only have a long lasting positive effect.
Very positive contribution as has allowed Scouting in South East Scotland to think about growth.
Very positive impact with sustainable growth in areas that needed growth and needed more external help to do so.
Without LDO’s experience I don’t believe a sustainable Group would be in operation.
Twenty disabled young people who would not otherwise have engaged with Scouting have the opportunity to play a full role in the Scout movement because of the Project.
There are now Groups in areas where there weren’t before.
People walked a bit taller after input from the project.
Being a part of Scouting for the first time taught me a lot of new skills as an adult volunteer and having it in our village made a difference to our children through giving them new experiences, teaching them new skills and bringing together individuals that may not have spent time with each other outside of Scouting.