2019 – Longcraig’s 50th Anniversary – STARTS 1st JANUARY!


The 50th Anniversary Year of Longcraig starts on 1st January 2019.

We won’t be open for business that day, as it’s a holiday (!!) but we do have a small number of people supporting Queensferry’s Loony Dook with kayaker cover in the vicinity of the dooking zone.

So we do plan to kick off the year’s celebrations with the first Birthday cake on 1st January; if anyone is in the general area in the early afternoon please do drop by for a piece of cake and start the celebrations!

Training opportunities and Special Events

Before we start to lock down the programme for 2019, we always seek to listen to the needs of Scout Groups, Guide Companies, Districts, etc. If you have any specific requirements or aspirations in 2019 relating to water activities, please let us know so we can get this slotted in at a time appropriate for yourselves and for our own team of volunteers.

This could be:

  • Training courses
  • Badge work and training or assessment (all stages)
  • Service projects
  • Specific training for expeditions
  • Expedition support (not all expeditions need to be done on foot!)

If any of these things are on your horizon for next year, please get in touch with us at info@sesscouts.org.uk.so we can help turn your ideas into reality and ensure that we provide the course that people want and need.

Explorer Units!

Longcraig has had a long and supportive relationship with Explorers (as we did with Venture Scouts before that!). In particular, we can provide:

  • training opportunities in most water activities,
  • opportunities for service projects for both Scout Award schemes and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme,
  • the means for Explorers to commence and take up a brand new activity,
  • and above all a great deal of fun through participating in all that we do.

This can be undertaken by individual Explorers, or by a whole Unit. If you, or your Unit, is interested in finding out more, we are eager to sign up folks for 2019. Please get in touch at info@sesscouts.org.uk if this is something that you would like to follow up or find out more about.