In this our 50th Anniversary Year, we are bringing the year’s celebrations to a close with  Fireworks on the Pier.

This is taking place on the evening of Saturday 26 October. This is the weekend that we traditionally select to get all our boats out of the water for the winter and start to stow away and check what needs fixed etc for the next year. Therefore it is known as our Lay Up Day.

But, this year, we are going to celebrate this Work Day with our Fireworks spectacular in the evening. The show will be at 8pm (always subject to weather  conditions – watch the website if any doubt) and we will be offering steaming hot soup and snacks prior to, and during, the fireworks show. You can arrive any time after 7pm  and take a look round the Longcraig anniversary exhibition in the Centre, prior to taking your position outside, or along the beach, to watch the fireworks. Of course, if anyone would like to help us along the way, you can come down in daylight and assist with the cleaning and stowing activities.

This event is completely free, so round up your friends and come along. During the evening there will be an opportunity to make a small donation which we will share between our colleagues at RNLI South Queensferry and our Anniversary funds.


Sunday 1st September saw a very special event at Longcraig – for Longcraig. For, it was a day of rededication and for Celebration. Rededication, because it was 21 years almost to the day since Longcraig’s New Building (now, clearly, not so new) was opened by Lord Airlie. We are very pleased that Lady Rosebery has agreed to be the President of  Longcraig Scout Centre and attended the event with her husband, the Earl of Dalmeny. Their support for Longcraig from the very beginning has been outstanding and it was with real pleasure and gratitude that we asked Lady Rosebery to become our President. She kindly opened the afternoon’s proceedings with some recollections of her involvement in the very early days.

A rededication activity was led by Rev David Cameron, minister of Queensferry and Dalmeny, and very ably assisted by the Queensferry Parish Church Music Group who led the singing of appropriate songs from their position above the main staircase – the closest we have been to having ‘Minstrels in the Gallery’!

 John Cannon (Regional Chairman)  then continued the theme linking the Past to the Present. This was followed up by Sharkey, the Scottish Chief Commissioner, leading through to focus our thoughts on what might be ahead for the Future. Some presentations were made, then shortly after, we celebrated the joint anniversaries of Longcraig Building (21) and Longcraig the facility (50) with two fabulous cakes and appropriate toasts.  

Joining us for the day, in addition to Lord and Lady Rosebery, were representatives from every District, Girl Guiding, and of course the RNLI and H M Coastguard who keep a careful watch over us, representatives from the local community council and from some of the sponsors who have helped make our anniversary events during 2019 have no financial impact on the water activity operations of the Centre. There were (at least) two people in attendance who had been involved in Longcraig’s beginnings in 1969, and their attendance was very much appreciated.



During the day of Celebration, we published a small book entitled 50 Years of Falling in the Forth – a brief history of Longcraig. Copies of this are being circulated to every Scout Group in the Region, but if you would like your own copy to read and cherish, you can pick one up at Longcraig or get in touch and we can get one (or more) to you.


At the end of September, Longcraig boats and ASU members were pleased to be able to support a multi-transport expedition being undertaken by and Explorer Unit from Linlithgow. The Explorers had hiked to Longcraig along the John Muir Way, on a very wet but mild Friday afternoon. We then prepared them up with lifejackets and further waterproofing to be hurtled over the sea to Cramond Island – just a bit round the corner from us – where they were duly landed and then camped for the night. The following morning, they made their way ashore at low tide, continued their hike onwards to Leith, where they changed direction and continued up the Water of Leith walkway as far as Haymarket Station, from which they took a train back to Linlithgow. A great adventure for them, and a great adventure and interesting challenge for us – 17 Explorers, all their overnight kits, a falling tide – but the sun came out as we left Longcraig as you can see in the photos.

2020 – Just around the corner!

Now is a great time to start thinking about next year and any specific ideas you may have for involvement in water activities. In particular – do you have any new programme ideas you wish to pursue? Do you have any plans for Scouts or Explorers to train up to have their own activity permits? Do you have any expedition aspirations that might involve water? Do you have any big events coming up that we might be able to support or help with? Craigalmond District does – you could too!

Just get in touch this side of Christmas so we can form some plans around what you would like to achieve. Speak to one of the team, or drop a quick e-mail to sound out your wishes/plans.

We can come out and have a meeting with you to lay some plans if you prefer to do things that way.