The Regional Executive Committee has agreed that Longcraig will stay open and a new lease will be arranged with the Dalmeny Estate.

Margery Naylor, our Regional Commissioner, John Cannon, the Regional Chairman, and members of the Executive have been working with the Adult Support Unit (ASU) at Longcraig to decide how we can continue to provide water sports activities both at the centre and throughout the Region.

Margery will now chair a working group, with representatives from within the Region and from external organisations such as Girlguiding, to establish our next steps and plans for the new season at Longcraig and to explore how we can develop more water activities across the Region. Please can you let Margery know if you are interested in joining the working group or you have ideas about future developments.

We look forward to continuing to provide exciting opportunities for sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding, rafting and many more activities at Longcraig!

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner, and John Cannon, Regional Chairman