‘Awesome’  ‘Amazing’ ‘The best’

These were just some of the comments of feedback on Saturday evening when Longcraig hosted a long awaited dream – Fireworks on the Pier – a fireworks display down the length  of the Pier at Longcraig!

We partnered up with 21CC (Edinburgh Fireworks Company) to provide and organise and set off the fireworks to achieve this much more professionally than we would have been able to do without their electronic ignition wizardry.  So, the show started with a sequenced row of large Roman Candles, chasing down a large chunk of the pier (the tide was out!), followed by an awesome array of multi-shot fireworks which grew and increased to a sky-filling explosion of light and colour at the end of the 10 minutes display.

This took place at the end of what we call our Lay Up Day where all the boats are finally taken of the water, stripped down, cleaned and stowed away. The ASU team who was there sat down for our traditional Lay Up Supper, this year slightly earlier in the evening, and finished and tidied up in time to welcome around 150 guests who joined us to watch the fireworks display with a mug of hot soup.

It was altogether an excellent day for doing all of these things – generally bright and sunny, clear skies in the evening, a bit of a strong breeze in the afternoon, so glad we got the boats off the water in the morning, and a lovely clear evening to follow. If a bit on the chilly side!

First a cascade down the pier…..

Then some bigger ones…

Then bigger and higher and louder…

This was the last major event of our 50th Anniversary Year, we can now look forward to ‘getting back to normal’ (whatever that is) in 2020 when we welcome you to come and take part in our range of activities and experiences.

New Honorary President confirmed

Following the Rededication event at Longcraig on 1st September where we celebrated our first 50 years, and looked forward to the next 50, we invited Lady Rosebery, after 50 years, to firm up her links with the Centre. She happily agreed to do so, and a vote at the Region’s AGM in October was largely unanimous in formalising the appointment. We welcome this news and are pleased and proud to be able to add the details of our second ever Honorary President to our stationery.


If you would like your own copy to read and cherish, or if the copies in circulation have not yet reached you, you can pick one up at Longcraig or get in touch and we can get one (or more) to you.

2020 – Just around the corner!

Now is a great time to start thinking about next year and any specific ideas you may have for involvement in water activities. In particular – do you have any new programme ideas you wish to pursue? Do you have any plans for Scouts or Explorers to train up to have their own activity permits? Do you have any expedition aspirations that might involve water? Do you have any big events coming up that we might be able to support or help with? Craigalmond District does – you could too!

Just get in touch this side of Christmas so we can form some plans around what you would like to achieve. Speak to one of the team, or drop a quick e-mail to sound out your wishes/plans.

We can come out and have a meeting with you to lay some plans if you prefer to do things that way.

But these early advance plans need to be in our diary before Christmas, so if you have an idea, please get in touch before it is too late!