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FACT: We welcomed over 1,000 young people to water activities this year!

Water Activities completed for 2022 

As the nights draw in, we have now reached that time of year when we have to bring water activities to a close. Not because we want to, but you will all have noticed that the evenings are now dark not much after 7pm, so we’d be limited to weekend days only. Also, at this time of the year, we find the temperatures often drop dramatically, the wind speed increases dramatically, and such like. Typically Scottish weather, we could say! Not that this year has seen much of the ‘typical Scottish weather’ we have seen that in the higher than the usual number of days we had to cancel or postpone because of gale force winds.  

Explorers practising balance on paddleboards

Much of the limitations to our seasons are simply that we have a responsibility to keep our activities as safe as possible, recognising that many of the scouts who come afloat with us may not have been in boats before – particularly this year. As we work our way through the building facilities improvement project, we hope that one result of this is that we may be able to operate longer seasons, with better changing and showering facilities, for example. 

Things carry on over the winter – we will see a number of training opportunities for our volunteers; we will have work to do on the boats and equipment to make good any damages and make sure everything is tip-top for next season and will continue recruiting to increase our volunteer pool so we can help avoid the occasional cancellations we were forced to make this year. 

Despite the weather, the limitations on volunteers, and recovering from the COVID pandemic, we did welcome over 1,000 young people to water activities this year – mostly at Longcraig Pier but a good number at other locations around Scotland too. Thank you to all of you for supporting us as we come through the pandemic, it’s been a hard time for everyone! We look forward to seeing you all again next year! 



We are all on the lookout for additional volunteers! 

But at Longcraig we may have a wider choice of opportunities for people to volunteer –  

  • We always welcome people who bring water skills with them; 
  • We also have a need for volunteers who don’t have water skills – to help run the Centre 
  • We can guide and lead people who don’t have water skills to become people who do have water skills and can therefore fulfil some of our other needs too……. 

Although the centre is closed for activities over the winter months, we are still actively recruiting more volunteers to join our team. And they don’t need to have a Scouting background! So, please spread the word – at your work, neighbourhood, pub, church, or wherever you can. 

We will be running a number of awareness days over the winter for anyone who is interested in finding out more. Watch here for details of dates in future issues or please get in touch. Thanks!

Facility updates  

We’ve now gathered together most or all of the documentation and data that our grant provider has asked for; we’ve sought fresh tenders for the work package and have had some responses which still need a bit of work done on them, but we are becoming confident that we are getting close to a formal confirmation that we will be able to share about the funding and about the project timescales. Keep watching! 

Squirrels afloat – again! 

Not just Squirrels but members from right across the 21st Craigalmond Group – and their parents – visited Longcraig in September for a family activity day as part of their Centenary celebrations. 

With over 130 young people attending for various parts of the day, and over 30 adults comprising leaders, parents and Executive members, we were kept busy providing fun on the water for all ages at different times of the day. Over lunchtime, actually, for about 2 hours, the Group cooked up burgers and hot dogs to cater for everyone as they arrived or before they left. Despite a drizzly and murky start, the rain soon cleared, leaving a few hours of glorious sunshine in the afternoon to round off a great day out. 

And the Squirrels? 10 of them took part in a boat trip to the Forth Bridge and back, to add to their experience at summer camp where they participated in powerboat trips during their day at camp. 

This was the second ever Squirrel activity on the water in South East Region, and very possibly in Scotland. Perhaps even also first in the UK?  

Alternative things you can do at Longcraig 

Whilst Longcraig’s main purpose is for the provision of water activities and everything associated with that, the land facilities can also be an excellent choice for a section or group gathering. We’ve seen the centre used for Group Barbeques, AGM’s, as a training venue, and quite recently as a photoshoot venue (apparently we have some very attractive bridges close by). The Centre also has two meeting rooms upstairs which can accommodate up to around 25 – 30 people in each, so can be a venue for planning meetings, training, conferences and such like. These can all be supported by refreshments, catering facilities and of course, you can’t argue about the view from outside! 

Subject to availability, the facilities can also be hired by other community groups, workplaces or other organisations!  Please just drop us an email for further details or to discuss your requirements: Getinvolved@longcraig.info 

Hire it! 

Although Longcraig Centre itself will be predominantly closed for activities until Spring, you can still hire much of our equipment for your own use – whether it is activity equipment or more general land based equipment like tables, chairs, etc. 

Drop us a line at: getinvolved@longcraig.info. If we can help, we will do! 

Beavers off to visit the Forth Bridge
Squirrels head off on adventure
Scouts link up behind the Hound Point tugs and terminal