Longcraig – welcome back!

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Have you booked Longcraig yet?

We’ve had a huge response from Groups seeking activity bookings at Longcraig – thank you all for your support and we hope that everyone (or at least most of you!) have managed to get the bookings you want. We are starting off the year with some ongoing restrictions, as we advised last month – you can find these on the bookings page on our website. These are mostly related to helping us to recover from the pandemic lockdown as we strive to get everything working fully again and operate the Centre within a new set of rules and guidelines. 

You can find the latest details and also how to make bookings at: www.longcraig.info

Remember to consider: 

We have introduced a special date in the calendar each month, to enable individuals, or small numbers from a group or section, to take part in activities without the need to have a full group which meets the minimum numbers.

Summer Opportunities: 

Whilst we have seen a lot of booking activity in the early part of the year (May and June) we would like to remind everyone that water activities continue throughout the summer. And, it’s often warmer and sunnier then too!  

So please give consideration to an activity session in July or August or through into September – at the time of writing there’s a reasonable amount of availability so if you didn’t find what you wanted in the early Summer have another look and pick up a slot over the Summer months instead! 

Facility updates:  

The old fencing is now all cleared, and the first section of replacement new fencing was installed last weekend. We anticipate we will have this all in place before the new season starts and we will then be able to rearrange the outside boat storage. 

Volunteering opportunities 

Whilst Longcraig is always looking for additional volunteers with water activity skills (or willing to learn!), this year we are also looking to supplement our volunteer team with additional people. This is to make sure we can comply with all our own and Government requirements for keeping COVID at bay. This may involve helping to keep people moving, ensure our kit and equipment is always ready, clean and safe to use, and supervising the cleaning after each session of the boats, equipment, clothing and safety equipment. Nothing that we didn’t do before, but we will be doing more of it and possibly slightly more intensely, this year – and into the future. 

So, if there’s anyone out there who thinks they can become part of a Longcraig Support Team covering the times we are open for activities (weekends, evenings mid-week, and occasional other times) please do get in touch so we can discuss what would be involved. 

You can reach us at getinvolved@longcraig.info at any time!  

For this role, no specialist skills are required, and you don’t even have to go out on the water – although we will be happy to support you if this is something that you would aspire to. Thank you.