As many of you are already aware, next year is the 50th Anniversary of Longcraig Scout Centre operating at Longcraig Pier. The history of how this all started is shrouded in the mists of a number of old crimpled and curled up folders and files, but much more detail of the early days and beginnings will come to light as part of the celebration of the 50 years of operation.

In the meantime, we would love to hear from everyone who has had any contact with, involvement in, or taken part in any water activities at Longcraig between 1969 and 2018 (that’s the first 49 years!) Please get in touch, or better still please spread the word through your social media contacts, friends of your Group, or any other contact methods you use.

You or they can get in touch with us through Regional HQ at Bonaly, or directly to Ian Harrower at  In particular, we are looking for any old photos, documents, stories, or recollections over the years.

Before the beginning:


Longcraig circa 1968

Longcraig Pier before the Scouts moved in! (circa 1968, photo believed to be taken by Edinburgh Air Scout team)

Special events for 2019

We are working with all the Districts in South East Scotland Region to set up specific events throughout 2019 to support our year of celebration. The plans for these are nearing completion and we hope to be able to share the dates in the next newsletter, ahead of publication of our full programme for the year, so that everyone has the opportunity to get these dates into their diaries as early as possible. Please also keep in touch with your own District Teams to help formulate these events in the best possible way for your own District and for the widest benefit to the young people within your governance.

Training opportunities

Now is a good time to be thinking about the outline for your programme for next year, and in particular, any training needs or desires that you might have for paddle sports, sail sports or power boats – we can do all of these, from sectional Badges through to Activity Permit requirements and training and assessment for RYA1 or BCU2 certification.

If any of these things are on your horizon for next year, please get in touch with us: so that we can help plan your ideas into reality and ensure that we provide the courses that people want / need.



RYA – Royal Yachting Association – the governing body in the UK for sail sports and power boat activities
BCU – British Canoe Union – the governing body in the UK for all things paddle sport related.