As we prepare for a new Scouting year, I hope that you are as excited as I am for the opportunities that the coming year presents for Scouting in South East Scotland. 

The upcoming improvements to the volunteer experience is one such opportunity. One of the key changes that this will introduce is to simplify volunteering and move from a roles-based to a teams based structure.

Our structures will still be arranged in Sections, Groups, Districts and Regions. 


At Region, the teams are split into 5 areas, with distinct remits:

  • Leadership Team – lead, inspire and motivate 
  • Trustee Board – provide governance 
  • Programme Team – bringing Section roles together/ with other activity experts 
  • Volunteer Development Team – ensuring our volunteers are well supported 
  • Support Team – keeping things running smoothly such as incident management 
Over the Summer, I met with members of the Regional Team and as part of these conversations reviewed with them what involvement they would like to have going forward and which of these teams they would be part of. 

We will be revealing more about the teams as we move towards our move to the new structure in November but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the updated Regional Leadership Team, which will provide overall leadership for the Region.  

Martin Elliot, Regional Lead VolunteerHaving been Regional Commissioner since January 2021, I am pleased to continue as Lead Volunteer as we work towards achieving the ambitious aims of our Regional Strategy.

Michael TreanorIn this important role, Mike will lead the Volunteering Development team, helping to make sure all volunteers in South East Scotland have a fantastic volunteering experience

This role will lead the Programme team, supporting Section programmes, by setting up networking and peer support opportunities, promoting and supporting top awards in all Sections and managing the South East Explorer Expeditions (SEEE).

This role will lead the Support team, ensuring that volunteers have the tools and resources to help Scouting run smoothly in South East Scotland. 

AlisonI am pleased to welcome Alison to the Regional Leadership team in the new role of Inclusion Lead, highlighting the importance of Inclusion in our Regional Strategy.

In this role Alison will work with me and the Regional Leadership Team to develop and deliver our inclusion strategy. This includes working with our volunteers to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all young people, regardless of their background or ability. Alison will also lead our Regional Inclusion Team.

Jo and Martin at South QueensferryJo has already been providing valuable support to me and our volunteers, bringing her extensive safeguarding experience to respond to incidents and concerns within the Region. As Safeguarding Lead, Jo will continue to be the main point of contact for safeguarding concerns and advice but will also work with the Regional Leadership team to ensure that the Region is well prepared for future changes that may affect safeguarding.

Scott Goddard

Recognising that the improvements to the volunteer experience are only part of the changes that will be coming to Scouting in the coming years, I am pleased that Scott has agreed to continue in this important role and will work with the Regional Leadership Team to ensure that the Region is well prepared and ready to maximise the opportunities that the upcoming changes present. 

As we develop our Regional Youth Shaped strategy we will be appointing a Regional Youth Lead. 

Look for more details in the coming months.  

Jamie’s Journey

I would like to thank all adult volunteers and young people from across our 88 groups who joined me during our recent Jamie’s Journey event. 

It was brilliant to meet so many of you and to learn more about what is going on in local groups. 

Martin Elliot
Regional Commissioner