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A volunteer story

Next in our series ‘Meet our Volunteer’, we’d like to introduce you to meet Jo Mitchell who is the Deputy District Commissioner (DDC) in Craigalmond District until February 2023 when she becomes District Commissioner (DC) taking over from Mark Hesketh. 

Across South East Scotland we’re proud to be a single-family of Scouts. But to make sure everyone gets the support they need, we are arranged in different Groups and Districts across our Region. As part of our Scouting structure, there are a number of management roles that provide leadership, motivation and guidance to our other adult volunteers. Jo, as Deputy District Commissioner for Craigalmond, does just this helping to make sure that the young people get the best possible experience.

Read her story and find the perfect volunteer role for yourself. Whether you want to work with young people directly or help behind the scenes, there’s something for everyone at Scouts.

Jo at Windsor Castle practicing her marching skills for the Queen as part of the Queens Scout Award

Name – Jo Mitchell
Group or District NameCraigalmond
Role – Deputy District Commissioner (DDC) until February 2023 then District Commissioner

[Please note that the below was shared before Jo became District Commissioner in February 2023]

Your time in Scouting
I started in my DDC role some 5 months ago so around January 2022. I have been involved in Scouting for nearly 30 years, as I started as a Venture Scout as it was known then and then as a Scout Leader, Explorer Leader, Group Scout Leader (GSL) and now here in my current role as DDC.

What’s it like to be a Deputy District Commissioner (DDC)?
Being a DDC means working with the DC to respond to the needs of the groups in the District making sure that all groups are supported by the District.  I help groups to bring in new young people and Leaders, interacting with Leaders, parents and young people to ensure everyone gets the most out of Scouting.  I also meet new Leaders to introduce them and support them as part of the start of their Scouting journey.  It is important to manage time to effectively support groups and help others develop.

Why did you start volunteering with Scouts/group?
Personally, I got so much out of Scouts when I was younger that I wanted to help make it the best for young people today and in the future.

Have you learned anything new as a volunteer?  
I am always amazed by the skills and dedication of our volunteers. They demonstrate an amazing ability to work with other Leaders who believe in Scouts as much as I do. This means I am always learning new activities, meeting new people and developing myself. I like that.
How do you think volunteering helps in your life?  
Not only is it a good distraction from the day job, but it also makes me a more rounded person. The Scout training is a fantastic help as there is ongoing learning, even when you think there isn’t! Every day is a school day!
What would you say to anyone who is thinking of volunteering with Scouts?
We say that Scouts is for everyone. Not many associations and organisations can say that but we can – young people or adults! Scouts provides a sense of belonging not just as a young person but as an adult too. We all believe in the values and respect what Scouting provides. Scouting truly helps young people to develop all-rounded skills for life.  

Thinking of becoming a volunteer?

Why not take get in touch to discuss volunteering opportunities. We need your help.

Volunteers make Scouts happen at a national level as well as a local one. From our Chief Scout and Chair of our Board to the incredible volunteers who support young people as leaders and occasional helpers at our local groups, these are just some of the superstars who’ve stepped up to inspire a generation.  

We’re proud that Scouts is a volunteer led movement. That’s where you come in.