At the end of last year we received the sad news that Colin Mackay, previously Edinburgh Area Commissioner, had sadly ‘gone home’.  Last weekend, a special service was held to remember Colin which was recorded digitally and is available for download.

You can download the recording here and the running order for the service is as follows:

00:00:00 – Welcome – Rev Jamie Griggs
00:02:30 – Hymn – ‘I to the hills will lift mine eyes’
00:04:40 – Storytelling Tribute  Millie Gray, Author and Storyteller
00:10:50 – Rotary Tribute  Stewart Kinsman. Yachtsman and Rotarian
00:18:50 – Prayer  A Prayer written by Colin and published in his book, Creation, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
00:23:15 – Clan Mackay Tribute Fiona Mackay Smith, Hon. Secretary Clan Mackay
00:28:40 – Education Tribute Alan Willoughby, Ex – Regional Manager SE Scotland Scouts, A memory of four schools
00:36:10 – Hymn  ‘Morning has broken’
00:38:15 – Church Tribute  Rev Michael Mair
00:43:35 – Scouts Tribute Isabel McNab Regional Commissioner, SE Scotland Scouts and John Bruce Ex Edinburgh Area Commissioner and Special Needs Commissioner
01:00:00 – Prayer
01:01:05 – Hymn  ‘All things bright and beautiful’
01:04:30 – Benediction Rev Jamie Griggs

Colin devoted his life to Scouting and from his earliest days as a Scout lived by and up to the highest ideals of our Movement.  He championed Scouting for those with disabilities and was a giant in that area.  He led innovative approaches, adventures of all kinds and put what we now know as Special Needs Scouting on the map as never before.  During his time as Area Commissioner he led and inspired Scouting in Edinburgh to heights  not previously achieved.  Colin will be much missed and was a highly regarded leader and friend.

Isabel McNab
Regional Commissioner