It’s Volunteers’ Week and I would like to say a massive thank you to all 2,017 adult volunteers in the South East Region. Whether you teach our young people new skills, manage and train our leaders, support our Groups, Districts or Region, or do one of the myriad of others things which go on to support our young people, you are incredible and I thank you for the time and commitment you give to Scouting.

During this difficult period, we have been continuing to communicate with you, via our Regional Commissioner’s emails, our Regional Newsletter, our website and other means. These messages are designed to help adult volunteers remain connected with Scouting during the current situation and we use them to share positive stories and support for leaders to continue providing Scouting via virtual means. We recognise that many volunteers are facing challenges outside of Scouting and thus we have also focused on leaders’ wellbeing in our communications.

We must emphasise that we do not want any of our adult volunteers to feel pressurised into having to continue with Scouting. We do understand if you do not have the capacity, given your other priorities, or if you do not feel confident in terms of using the various technology platforms and/or in developing programme activities. In a similar vein, we understand if parents and carers of our young people do not want to be involved

If you do want support with the technology and /or putting together activities to engage young people, please let us know. Mike Treanor, our Scouting Support Officer, will be able either to assist you himself or locate someone to do so. Mike’s email is and he would be very happy to work with you, or to have an initial chat with you. Mike is a Scout leader who now runs troop meetings via Zoom so he is completely comfortable with discussing any queries you may have.

Many thanks,

Margery Naylor
Regional Commissioner