The sad and sudden death of Mike Sims at the age of 62 occurred recently.

Mike came from a Scouting family. His parents, Gordon and Maida, were active over a long period with Gordon serving as DC of Inverleith for 18 years and Maida being CSL at the 23rd. Gordon was also very involved with the Gang Show for many years. Mike married Joan Ainslie, daughter of Fred Ainslie who was a long serving member and Treasurer of the Edinburgh Executive. With such a background, it was inevitable that Mike would become deeply involved in Scouting.

He was a Scout and Venture Scout at the 23rd and, at the age of 20, became a leader with the 87th in Boswall Parkway. After serving as SL for a number of years he became ADC Scouts and then DC of Inverleith as his father had been. He also followed his father with his long term commitment to the Gang Show during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Mike also had a significant role in adult training in the period from mid 1980s until about 2007 running, among other things, GSL and Commissioner modules and Leadership 2 courses.

Outside Scouting he was a member and for a while Treasurer of Edinburgh Rotary Club, a member of Edinburgh High Constables and a member of Edinburgh Merchant Company where, having served on the Master’s Court, he went on to chair the Governing Council of Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools.

 Service and commitment to the Scout Movement as well as to the community in general were the constant and continuing threads that ran throughout Mike’s life.

 Dick Allan,
President, South East Scotland Scouts.