Museum on the Mound is a free museum situated in Bank of Scotland’s Head Office in Edinburgh.

The museum looks at the history of money, banks, and much, much more

Where better for Cubs and Beavers to prepare for their Money Skills activity badge than a Money Museum? We’ve designed some fun sessions and activities specifically tailored to give your troop as many hints and tips as possible.

Your section will:

  • Explore different things people have used as money in other countries.
  • Discuss some different ways people and banks keep money safe.
  • Discover how to spot counterfeit money.
  • Design their own badge featuring money advice for other young people

We know it can often be difficult for Scout, Cub and Beaver groups to come and see us, so we would like to dedicate a special time available exclusively for troops.

Scout Saturday would be a chance for you to visit on a Saturday morning before the museum is open to the public. The visit is entirely free of charge. Scouts, Beavers and Cubs would have the museum to themselves for two hours in a Covid-safe environment.

Scout Saturday sessions are scheduled to begin in mid-November 2021.

Booking would be essential. Visits will be subject to current Covid regulations and may be liable to cancellation depending on government advice. If you would like to make a Scout Saturday booking or require any further information, please contact us at: