Woggles lost again?

Do you find it’s a losing battle to have your Beavers or Cubs supplied with a woggle of the right colour? They slide off the neckies very easily, and let’s be honest, the plastic isn’t the most environmentally friendly substance available.

I found an alternative – leather ‘neckslides’. They come in the all the colours traditionally used for lodges and sixes, and the cost is the same at 20p each. I ordered a set for my pack and they were delivered in less than a week. I got them from here.

They also do a nice line in woggles specifically for sixers, seconders, or silver or gold award holders, as well as various other scout and leader options, though they are a bit more expensive.

For the absence of doubt, no, I’m not on commission, nor do I have any other link to the supplier. I just like the product.

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training)