I am very pleased to welcome Mary Dick to our Regional team, as I am sure she will make a significant contribution to Adult Training.

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner

Message from Mary

I’ve just been appointed as ARC (Adult Training) and thought I should take a couple of minutes to introduce myself.

I grew up in the Guides, and was a Brownie, Guide and Ranger leader at different times.  I gave up when juggling my young family, work and Guides got to be too much then I became involved with the Scout Group Exec when my daughter swapped from Brownies to Cubs.  After a while I became GSL, then a few years ago I took on the ADC (AT) role in Pentland.  Around the same time I joined the Safeguarding training team, and also the team for modules 16, 17 and 18.

With my new role as ARC (AT) my goal is to make training more easily accessible to more leaders in the Region.  I have a couple of ideas about what would help but I need to understand from all of you what works, and equally important, what doesn’t work, so please do provide feedback.  One thing I know is that more trainers would be tremendously helpful.  I know there are experienced leaders and former leaders out there who have great communication skills and I would love to hear from them. As with any other role in Scouting, we don’t drop people in at the deep end.  We prefer to work in pairs anyway, and new trainers would initially work alongside established trainers.

I’m hoping to be able to meet a lot more people from around the Region over the coming months, so please come and say hello if the opportunity presents itself.

Mary Dick, Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)