NEWS: Good Service Awards

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We are delighted to celebrate the Good Service of so many adults, who were recognised through the Adult Awards process, in the final quarter of 2022. The latest list has been published by Scouts Scotland and can be viewed on their website.  

Congratulations to everyone who received a Good Service award in the past year.  We are delighted that your efforts have been recognised by your Scouting friends.   
Remember, you can nominate any member or associate member for a good service award. We’re sure that you will know of people who are making a significant contribution to local Scouting and should be recognised for their efforts and achievements.  If you need advice or assistance to make a nomination, then contact the Awards Team who will be delighted to offer their support. The nomination forms can be found on the national website along with the relevant criteria such as length of service, completion of mandatory training and valid disclosure. Our email address is
Helpful advice
For those of you who haven’t nominated someone before, we recommend that you focus on the person’s role, their achievements and importantly how their Group or District have benefited directly from their actions. For example, the nominee may be a Trustee on a Group Executive and raised funds for new equipment which resulted in the Troop increasing the number of camping nights. Mention key facts such as the part they played in the fund-raising event, how much was raised, what was purchased and approximately how many extra camping nights were achieved.  

Our most sincere congratulations to the following volunteers, on this well-deserved recognition by the Chief Scout:

Silver Acorn
– Ian Nicolson; Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) 15th Edinburgh North East (ENE)

Chief Scout’s Commendation
– Michael Ewart; ASL 104th ENE
– Paul McHardy; Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL) 18th ENE
– Laura Smith; Appointments Committee Chair
– Ian Dalgleish; Appointments Secretary
– Peter Quill; Appointments Committee Member
– Douglas Coghill; Group Treasurer 7th ENE