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Congratulations South East Scotland Region!

Jo Whiting
Eoin Neil

Good Service Awards 

As Scouts we have Awards to recognise the amazing work our adult volunteers do and achieve. There are different Good Service Awards to celebrate and recognise volunteers throughout their time in Scouting.  

We believe it’s good to share good news! And we wish to recognise incredible news and service across South East Scotland Scouts. So we are really excited to announce some Good Service 2021 news!

We’re delighted to share that twice as many of our adult volunteers received Good Service Awards in 2021 compared to 2020. From 39 to more than 94 awards.

Whilst we’ve not been able to present many awards in the way we’d have wished, we offer massive congratulations to everyone who has had their fantastic achievements recognised in this way. And we look forward to presenting many more awards throughout 2022. 

Tim Seabrook
Hilary Cartwright

We want to thank all our superstar volunteers for your contribution to South East Scotland Scouts, your District, Group and Section. We recognise your achievements and personal efforts. The Good Service Awards are one way of doing this. And they apply to Leaders working directly with young people as well as our highly supportive ‘behind the scenes’ teams.
Saying Thank You

“I do not do this for any recognition”. This may be something you commonly hear from people that volunteer with Scouting, but that does not mean we should not offer it.

Recognition for a job well done takes a variety of forms from a simple thank you, to recording the fact in minutes, ensuring parents know and acknowledging it by inviting them to participate in new challenges. These are the every‐day things that do mean something to most of us. These Awards help us formally recognise the work of our adult volunteers by presenting them with a special thank you certificate. Efforts do not go unnoticed!


Two awards we’d like to highlight are:

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service:
This is awarded in respect of not less than 5 years good service, which stands out. It should be regarded as the chief Scout’s recognition of the very real contribution made to Scouts by the member concerned. In 2021, we issued 53, up from 21 in 2020.
Commissioner’s Commendation
This is a local award by a Commissioner to recognise youth members, volunteers and non-members for their contribution to Scouts. During the pandemic many have made an extra effort to support individuals and communities in different ways. We recognise the superb work done by members both within Scouts and the community before, during and after the pandemic. In 2021, we issued 21, up from 1 in 2020.
New Regional Advisory Awards Group.
The Regional Advisory Awards Group is able to support and provide guidance to local Scouting with award applications and nominations to grow our recognition of good service delivered by adult leaders and supporters throughout the Region. Contact the team if you have a question.