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Activities and Courses at Longcraig

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Activity Sessions

These can be arranged as evening, day or weekend sessions, and are available from the start of May to the end of September. Bookable as a single session or a series of sessions, they allow participants to try a sport for the first time, or develop existing skills and gain experience.Raft building And while all activities are supervised by our qualified instructors, those who have the necessary experience may use the facilities on their own. Activity sessions can be booked by a group of 6 or more people. Maximum numbers depend on availability of equipment, staff, tidal and weather conditions and other bookings, but the centre can accommodate up to 40 people at weekends and 24 people during an evening. Larger groups can be accommodated but this needs to be discussed and agreed with the Regional Office prior to the booking being accepted.

Obviously, bad weather conditions can prevent the planned water activities from taking place (see Terms & Conditions). However, the centre has developed a number of shore-based activities which can be easily run at short notice. The centre is also ideally placed for a BBQ, which is available at the cost of £6 (food is self-catered).

Booking Activity Sessions

These can be booked:

  • for a group of 6 or more people from £12 per person
  • as a larger group booking to include a range of activities
  • as exclusive use of the centre

If you want to arrange a special event, please contact us. We are flexible. For activity sessions, please contact us. Phone: 0131 441 1878, E-mail:

Dinghies at Longcraig

Courses at Longcraig

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RYA logo Longcraig is a recognised RYA training centre and is inspected annually by the RYA and is also an affiliated member with the Scottish Canoe Association (Scottish Association of the BCU). As such, we are able to run courses in sailing, kayaking and powerboating. Courses for these are arranged throughout the year, and a schedule of course prices is available. However, it is also possible to arrange extra courses if the group is large enough – please contact us for more details. Instruction of these courses consists of practical, water-based activities. Scottish Canoe Association logoHowever, many of the courses contain a theoretical element, best taught on dry land. For this purpose, our new building contains a warm, sizeable training area with whiteboard and OHP, as well as other areas in which to practise skills such as knotting and reefing.

Qualification Training

Sailing courses are available for RYA awards for both adults and juniors. Direct Assessment can also be arranged if you feel you are already competent to the level required. Courses can be arranged for BCU Stars 1-3 and the Kayak Safety Test. Direct Assessment is also available. Powerboat courses are available at RYA Levels 1 and 2 (The National Powerboat Certificate), and the RYA Safety Boat course. Direct Assessment is available for all of these.

Scout and Guide Proficiency Badges

The Scout Association has aligned the various proficiency badges to the relevant national schemes and therefore we strongly recommend aiming for a proficiency badge. Where there is a clear link from the Proficiency badge to an National Governing Body (NGB) for the respective sport – RYA for dinghies and powerboating, BCU for kayaking, we will award the relvant NGB award if the required skill level is attained. Girlguiding do not stipulate any NGB requirements. Longcraig can also offer these courses on demand – subject to the centre’s safety boat requirements and a minimum number of 3 people wishing to participate. Maximum numbers for courses will usually be 12 (except powerboating which is 6). *Please note that some badges do require some work at home. The current badges are shown below (click on the badge to see the requirements).

Booking Courses

When you have identified the course that fits your needs, or if you just want to find out more, please contact our courses coordinator with your inquiry using