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What to bring

A lot of this is basic common sense – watersports can be cold and wet, but we can assure you that it’s all worth it for the fun to be had! The following list should be used as a guide:

  • WARM clothing
    • these clothes are likely to get wet, so please leave your Armani/Hilfiger gear at home
    • jeans are very uncomfortable when wet, and can make you cold very quickly
    • a warm hat and/or gloves are very effective to keep warm
    • old trainers (again, may get wet)… welly boots can be dangerous as they fill up with water quickly
  • COMPLETE spare change of clothing
  • Wind AND Waterproof jacket and trousers

No-one will be allowed to participate in activities without the above.

  • swimming trunks/shorts/costume for wearing under wetsuit
  • towel
  • plastic bag for wet clothes
  • money for course fee, and/or tuckshop
  • strap for spectacles (string or otherwise)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater for Cubs or Brownies?

Yes, but we cannot offer them rafting or paddle boarding.

Can we bring our own instructors and equipment?

That’s normally no problem – so long as equipment meets the standards required and instructors have been trained to the appropriate level (evidence of this may be required). We welcome additional instructors as they will probably know the group better than our instructors.

Are there catering facilities?
Yes, there is a kitchen and a small preparation/serving area. If you wish to use this please let us know in advance. In addition, we can also offer a large gas barbeque for your use.
Is there car parking?

This is limited. Normally there may be space for 4 or 5 cars belonging to customers, but please contact us if you envisage any problems.

Is the access road suitable for coaches?

Not really, due to it being narrow and quite bumpy. Minibuses and cars will have no problem, but we advise coaches to stop at the white building at the start of the road, and get participants to walk the remaining distance (takes 5-10 minutes).

What is available at Longcraig in the winter?

Conditions in winter do not make it feasible to offer water activities at Longcraig – the water is much colder, and there is more wind and rain… not suitable for running regular activities for Scouts and Guides.
For this reason, we do not have a programme of activities or courses for the winter. However, if you think we can help you during this time, please contact us. The centre can still be used as a meeting place, and we can still provide equipment for hire during this period.
Because we are much quieter, we use this opportunity to undertake our maintenance programme – a major project to ensure that all equipment is safe and working for the following season. If you are involved in Scouts, and could give a helping hand (regardless of your ability), please get in touch!