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Saying Thank You!

We all remember when someone took the time to say “Thank you”. Whether it was a handwritten note, a simple email or a friendly handshake, we recall that feeling of being valued and a useful member of the team. So please remember when planning an event to take a few moments and consider how you will recognise the efforts of everyone involved in delivering a successful outcome.

Sometimes we want to recognise an amazing contribution where a simple “Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. In these situations talk to the Awards Team (awards@sesscouts.org.uk) who will suggest ways in which you can achieve that special recognition. It may be that a District Commissioner’s or even Regional Commissioner’s Commendation would be appropriate. We can also help with the preparation of nominations for the more formal awards that Scouting promotes.


We were delighted to learn that Hamish Leal who has worked tirelessly with Pentland District and the Bonaly ASU has been awarded the Silver Wolf. This is in recognition of his many achievements with the 31st Pentland and in his other District and Regional roles. Congratulations Hamish.

John Bruce
Awards Committee and Vice President of South East Scotland Scouts

Here’s a selection of photographs of some other awardees from across South East Scotland Scouts: