As we approach the introduction of the changes involved in the Transformation of our Volunteering Experience, we would ask for your support in ensuring we are ready by supporting the following actions:

Check your Compass record is correct – Every adult member can log into Compass to view their own personal details, training record, PVG expiry date, any permit expiry date, communication choices etc. The login page is here and if you have never logged in before there’s an option to register on that page.

To register you’ll need your membership number – it’s always quoted near the end of the monthly membership email from Gilwell, last issued on Tuesday 05/12. You’ll also need information such as your name, postcode etc. as it is in Compass. If you’ve moved since you joined, and not updated, remember to use your old postcode! If you’re struggling to register, please ask your line manager for help as they can view your record and confirm the postcode etc.

For the new membership platform your email address will be your login id. This means you must have an email address that’s unique to you. Something like will not be acceptable.


Completing Getting Started training – we would encourage those adult volunteers who need to complete Getting Started within 5 months of joining and have yet to do so, complete their required learning as soon as possible. If your role in Compass (look at the Training tab) is not ‘Full’ it’s likely part of Getting Started is incomplete. For leaders, this is Essential Information, Personal Learning Plan, Tools for the Role, Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR. Other roles have some variations – check with your Line Manager or Training Adviser (TA) if you’re unsure. The ‘Validated on’ column needs to have a date in it. If there are any gaps please complete the online learning, then send any certificates to your Line Manager / TA and gather the evidence to support validation of Tools for the Role.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Please ensure that your Mandatory Ongoing learning is current:

Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid (for those who need to complete this) need to be renewed every three years.

GDPR needs to be undertaken once.

Please check your Compass record to ensure these are all in date. GDPR will show in the long list of modules for your role, the latest dates for First Aid, Safety and Safeguarding will appear under ‘Mandatory Ongoing Learning’ near the bottom of the training tab in Compass. If any are due to expire before the end of January 2024 then please update them NOW to avoid becoming non-compliant.

Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR are all validated on production of the eLearning certificate – you don’t need any further activity to validate. Just send your certificate(s) to your Line Manager or TA and ask them to update Compass. Go back in after a week or so to make sure it’s done.




For First Aid you may have an external certificate that’s valid, you can complete a 1 day course run by the Region, or you can complete the blended model where much of the learning is online, you then attend a Zoom session with a trainer, and finally go through a practical demonstration of CPR, recovery position etc. Follow this link to enrol and begin the learning. Note that if you have an external certificate your TA will need to ensure it includes all the topics in the Scouts’ First Response as a minimum.

Ensure Completed Training is validated – any training modules that have been completed but which have not been validated on Compass will not be transferred over to the new system when it goes live. There are specific validation requirements for modules 3 – 9 and 11 – 19. Please access the Leaders’ Training Guide for details, collect your evidence and contact your TA to arrange a meeting. Use this link, put ‘training’ into the search to find the Leaders’ Training Guide.

Validation Portal – modules 5-19 For those who don’t have access to a Training Advisor, the Region have provided an alternative means to have your training validated – for modules 5-9 and 11 – 19, you can submit the required evidence for completion of a module via an online portal, available through this 

Compass Updates – If you believe you have completed a training module e.g. safety or safeguarding, and provided a certificate, but that validation has not been completed, then please speak to your Training Advisor (if you have one) or your Line Manager to ensure validation is completed and recorded on Compass by the end of December.

If you have completed any training modules but have not yet provided a completed certificate or required evidence to your Training Advisor or Line Manager, please do so asap so they can validate your training on Compass by the end of December.

Online Learning an Issue? If anyone has a problem that prevents them completing online training please contact your TA, Line Manager or myself to discuss a solution. Please don’t ignore the requirement – it won’t go away!

Note for Training Advisers and Line Managers

When updating Safety, Safeguarding or First Aid, the date validated MUST be the date the training was completed, even if you don’t physically update Compass until much later. This is what drives the 3-year renewal.

For First Aid, modules 10A and 10B need to be included in the PLP. If someone has more than 1 open role just pick the most relevant. If it’s never been done, update the modules already there, if this is a renewal you need to click on ‘Show PLP’, then ‘Add Module’ (twice) and add both 10A and 10B into the PLP. This will result in multiple iterations of each, but as a feature of Compass it’s required. When updated in the PLP it will automatically appear in the Mandatory Ongoing Learning at the bottom of the page. Please contact your ADC(AT) or me if there are any problems.