As the days get shorter we are a bit quieter here at Bonaly, but it was still great to see over 500 people use the centre in October. Work has now started to build the two new toilets in the Baronial Hall and when finished they will be open for everyone to use. Our ASU have been busy as always and have even found time to carve pumpkins to put around the site for the Halloween weekend.

Information Evening 

The Border Bothy Association are holding an information evening at Bonaly Scout Centre on Thursday 7 November 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Border Bothies are locked shelters available to Scouts, youth groups and are ideal for D of E. They have five bothies, you get sole use and the BBA are really keen to see them used more by Scouting. If you are interested in finding out more information or the book a place please contact Bonaly Scout Centre on 0131 4411878 or

Bushcraft Popcorn

We had great fun with the October Adventure Club this year and everyone’s highlight seemed to be “Bushcraft Popcorn” cooked over an open fire. It is really easy to do and could easily be done on a group night.

All you need are two wire sieves, two jubilee clips, two keyring clips and a stick about the same size as a broom handle (or a broom handle).

Use the key ring clips to secure the two sieves together and place one handfull of popcorn maize inside. Then use the jubilee clips to attach your popcorn maker to it’s handle. Now  hold over a fire and shake gently, soon you will see (and hear) the corn popping. It is best to make your popcorn over hot embers rather than directly in the flames. Happy Popping!