A useful tool for recruiting new volunteers!

The Region has been experimenting with using Gumtree to recruit volunteers and has found it to be a useful tool. However, due to internal limitations with Gumtree, the Region can only post a few copies of the same role type at any one time. Thus for the maximum coverage across the Region it would now be good to have Gumtree logoGroups, Units and Districts using Gumtree themselves. To enable this, a step-by-step guide has been written and can be sourced from the Region –  development@sesscouts.org.uk.

If any Scout Group or Unit has volunteer needs, please remember to update your District Commissioner, who will then pass the information to the LDO at the Regional Office and we can put up other online and volunteer centre ads for you. It is still worth Groups and Unit gaining access to Gumtree for themselves even though we can centrally put up ads with other websites and organisations.