The virtual training offered over the last couple of months has proved to be really popular – it solves problems some leaders had with issues such as transport, travelling time and distance, and childcare. The trainers are also getting better with Zoom – it seems every time we have a session there’s an additional feature someone has found and shares with the team.  Every day’s a school day! There will be a few more courses over the summer break, so watch out for these. I’m really hoping that those who have found them useful will encourage others to sign up. All courses are bookable through the Region’s website and for those who use Facebook, recent events have had a mention on the Region’s Facebook page. Following some feedback from a Training Advisers’ workshop I’ll also be emailing the details to TAs as well as the Assistant District Commissioners for Adult Training so they can pass on the message to those they know have the modules on their learning plans.  When face to face scouting is permitted again, we’ll reintroduce the weekend dates with 2 or 3 modules as we did before in addition to the virtual training.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of an email from Tim Kidd about your Getting Started or mandatory ongoing learning for Safety or Safeguarding please do take heed and get yourself up to date.  If you have a problem with it please ask for help – if you don’t the problem won’t go away – most can be easily resolved by speaking to a TA, ADC (AT) or myself.

If you have any suggestions of training topics that would be useful, even if not a specific module, please let me know and I’ll do my best to get something organised.  For example – are all Beaver, Cub and Scout leaders fully aware of what Explorer Scout Young Leaders could do for them, and how they can support their ESYLs?   Do you have young people with special needs in your section, and you’d like some guidance on how best to support them? Would you like to have someone explain how to get the best out of Online Scout Manager (how did we survive before OSM?)  What extra information would make your life easier?

Scouts Scotland has updated their guide to the training scheme – I’d strongly recommend this to all leaders working towards their Wood Badge. You’ll find details of all the modules in the Section Leaders’ Wood Badge, including what you need to do to validate. It can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions about training please contact your ADC (Adult Training) in the first instance, or email me at 

Mary Dick
Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)