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We need a Regional Adviser who will assist leaders to think about making sure all our activities with young people are safe.

It could be a question of prompting leaders to do the 20 minute Safety Module online. It couldn’t be easier!

Or helping us build up a bank of risk assessments for all sorts of activities and camps, so no-one need reinvent the wheel. Leaders can then use one of them and customise it to fit their activities and camps. Just think how much that could help our time-stretched leaders!

As the Regional Adviser for Safety, you would join the Regional Leadership Team and be part of an active team working to support leaders to provide great fun and adventure to our young people – safely. You would get advice and support from one of our Deputy Regional Commissioners.

Above all, you would know that your input would be of enormous benefit to leaders and young people.

Here is a brief role description:

  1.  Outline: To promote The Association’s Safety Policy within South East Scotland. To advise the Regional Commissioner and Executive Committee on the implementation of the Association’s Safety Policy within the Region and to assist District Commissioners in operating the policy.
  2. Main Tasks:
  • Work with District Commissioners and leaders to promote awareness of the Association’s Safety Policy and ‘good practice’ procedures for all adult volunteers involved in providing Scouting activities.
  • Provide practical support and assistance to District Commissioners and leaders in managing safety issues within Groups and the District, including at Scout campsites.
  • Work with trainers to ensure that the Safety Policy and its implementation are effectively covered through training and workshop programmes.
  • Ensure that Appointment Advisory Committees are fully briefed on the need to ensure that new adults coming into Scouting are fully aware of the Association’s Safety Policy and their associated responsibilities.

 Here are some helpful links about the role:

If you are interested in this role, please contact Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner, margery.naylor@blueyonder.co.uk or Simon Cocker, Deputy Regional Commissioner, simon.cocker@sesscouts.org.uk

 Answer: Jeans are not suitable for winter hikes!