With reference to previous updates in this Newsletter regarding a Regional staffing review, we are delighted to announce that the review has completed.

This review has been conducted over the summer months and has been led by the Regional Chair’s committee and has involved a number of people to help explore what the best solution for the Region should be.  A number of operating principles were established to ensure that the proposed solution could be sustainable and affordable meeting the needs of the Region as reflected in our 2018-23 strategy.  Further needs were gathered from discussion and consultation through a number of sources including meeting with SHQ and also from the most recent engagement sessions that have been held.  We have also been fortunate to have had John Bruce, Regional Secretary, in an interim manager role and his daily interaction with staff, members of the Region and customers of Bonaly has all added to the process of identifying what we believe is right for South East Region.

The Regional Executive have therefore approved that the vacant Regional Operations Manager post is not filled, and that instead two key appointments are made:

  • Centre Manager
    a permanent full-time appointment, with overall accountability for the management and operation of Bonaly Outdoor Centre; also responsible for provision of centralised facilities management across the Region’s estate, and of financial and administrative support – to the SESRSC Trustees, and to the Regional Commissioner’s leadership team
  • Scouting Support Officer
    a full-time appointment, funded for an initial period of 2 years, with responsibility for providing practical advice and support to the Regional Commissioner’s leadership team, and to volunteers delivering Scouting across the Region; likely a home-worker, with significant out-of-hours work.

These new appointments will enable proper focus to be placed on both the longer term management and development of Bonaly Outdoor Centre but also provide necessary separate resource to support the “game of scouting” that has been somewhat neglected in the recent past.  The agreed 2 year funding for the Scouting Support Officer role will allow for a period of evaluation of impact before committing to an extension of funding but also give time to implement a refreshed business plan for Bonaly under the management of the new Centre Manager.

To manage the effective implementation of both roles, the Scouting Support Officer role will be advertised in November 2018 with the Centre Manager being advertised in December 2018.  It is intended that both positions will be filled by end of February 2019. Both roles will be advertised through the Regional Newsletter as well as targeted external recruitment websites.

Finally, our thanks go to everyone who has contributed to this review.

John Cannon, Regional Chair

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner