Regional Training Update

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Most of us will have heard something of the Scouts UK-wide Transformation project, and we know that there will be changes made to the training requirements and the way it’s completedWhat isn’t quite clear at this stage is when that’s to be implemented, so the message, for now, is to keep calm and carry on trainingSo many people are within a few modules of their Wood Badge, so have a look at your training record in Compass, (logon or register hereidentify the gaps, and check out the Training Calendar to find yourself the courses to plug the gaps If it’s just validation that’s needed then check the Leaders’ Training Guide from Scouts Scotland, collect your evidence and contact your Training AdviserIf you don’t know who that is ask your ADC (Adult Training) or click here for the listIf there are no TAs free, your ADC can contact me to let me know you’ll be using the online validation option. 

First Aid

First Aid remains an issueWhen I’ve contacted some Leaders recently I’ve found some believe they don’t need First Response because they have First Aid at Work, or Emergency First Aid at Work.  Please can I highlight two points – 

1. Neither of these cover all of First Response, though Hampshire Scouts have an online offering to plug the gaps, and 

2. If people have an external qualification that covers all our requirements it needs to be recorded in Compass  – both modules 10A and 10B need to be added to your PLP and updatedThe blended model (Hampshire model) is still an option, but don’t forget to complete the follow-up 10A confirmation on Zoom, and 10B Practical Demonstration.

The photo on the right shows our very own Martin Elliot, Regional Commissioner participating in some recent First Aid Training in order to update his learning and skills. 

Is your First Aid Training up to date? Take Martin’s lead and book yourself in now to complete your training. Thank you.

Martin Elliot, Regional Commissioner, as a patient pretending to choke on a First Response course.

There are a couple of non-standard items on the calendar, Scouting – The Basics which is ideal for Leaders who are totally new to Scouting, and Group Scout Leaders (GSLs) – Supporting Training in your Group is aimed at GSLs and District Explorer Scout Commissioners (DESCs) who may be unsure what their role is in relation to the adult volunteers in their group. 

The calendar for March is: 

02/03 – Promoting Positive Behaviour – Zoom 

05/03 – First Response – Galashiels 

05/03 – First Response 10B only – Galashiels 

08/03 – First Response 10A Confirmation – Zoom 

09/03 – Supporting Young People – Zoom 

12/03 – Scouting for All – Currie 

12/03 – Fundamentals of Scouting – Currie 

12/03 – First Response 10B only – Currie 

14/03 – Scouting – The Basics – Zoom 

19/03 – Skills of Leadership & Working with Adults  – Greenside 

19/03 – First Response – Currie 

20/03 – Delivering a Quality Programme – Zoom 

23/03 – GSLs – Supporting Training in Your Group – Zoom 

26/03 – First Response – Currie  

If you don’t need any of these, please encourage someone who does.  

Find all the upcoming training events on Eventbrite – visit our website and click on ‘Training calendar’.  

Mary Dick 
ARC (Adult Training)