On Sunday 26 November in the 71st Craigalmond Scout Hall, we had at least one youth representative from each district in South East Scotland come along to be part of the first meeting of the Regional Youth Advisory Group.  The meeting lasted three hours, a vast amount was discussed and lots of pizza was eaten.

“The new youth involvement initiative is giving me new opportunities to talk about my ideas for a new forward-thinking Scouts strategy”– Martha

The aim of the group is to be both a mouthpiece for young people at a Regional level and make sure we are listening to their opinions and doing what is best for all young people as a youth movement. The other purpose of the group is to go out in the Region and champion youth involvement, listen to other young people about how we can do things better and differently. The twelve young people who make up of the group will be meeting four times a year and each meeting will be in a different district so the Region’s voice will be heard. The group has decided that they will create some focus groups that will meet independently of the four-times-yearly meetings to try and make real progress in focused areas. These are: Communications; Events; Facilities ; Youth-Approved Scheme.

Newly appointed Regional Youth Commissioner, Euan McFadzean

Regional Youth Commissioner

The Group elected its first Youth Commissioner, Euan McFadzean, whose job is to chair the group and its meetings and to make sure that the Advisory Group is being heard, not just being passed by. Euan has had a long history in Scouting – he was a member of South Morningside Explorer Scout Unit and took part in their trip to Cambodia where they were involved in building a school near Siem Reap. Euan studies Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, and in his spare time outside of Scouting, he likes to play the guitar and drums.

“Youth involvement is extremely important as it allows young people to have an input to decisions that affect them.”  – Euan McFadzean