Ben from the Pink Panther ESU tells us about the amazing efforts of Scouts and Explorers from around the Region who gave up a day to learn life-saving skills.

On Tuesday the 18th, myself and fifty others from the region of Scout and Explorer age took part in European Restart a Heart Day at Sighthill Fire Station, with sessions teaching about how to deal with someone unconscious and not breathing, someone unconscious and breathing, someone choking, using bandages, burns, and safety around fireworks considering how near Guy Fawkes’s Night is.

Scouts learning CPR

Learning life-saving skills at Sighthill Fire Station


We started off with the classic DR ABC: check for DANGER, check for RESPONSE, check the AIRWAYS, check for BREATHING, and if they’re not breathing: CPR! This is a crucial skill to have as it can save someone’s life if you know how to restart their heart. We then went on to what to do if they are breathing, which is to put them in the recovery position safely. In the same session room, we then looked at how to deal with someone that is choking. Though it is largely overlooked, this is another vital skill as choking can kill easily if not dealt with properly – and if you deal with it without training you can cause serious harm to the patient. The last thing we looked at in there was how to deal with bleeding, and how to put a bandage on effectively. We had a go at each, splitting into pairs so that we could try using the skills on each other (except of course CPR, which we did on the Little Annes). Everyone had a lot of fun with the practical element here as they got to have a go putting their mates into the recovery position and saving them from “choking”.

Scouts and Explorers learning life-saving skills

Scouts and Explorers from around the Region worked together to pick up the new skills.


After a quick photoshoot in which we held up our hands in the CPR position, we moved through to a room with a powerpoint on how to deal with burns, prevent and deal with both hypothermia (being dangerously cold) and hyperthermia (being dangerously hot), relating it to Guy Fawkes’s Night coming up next week. We were advised as I would advise all reading that we should attend safe, organised displays to minimise the chance of injury. There was a lot of interactivity in this part as we shared stories of accidents relating to burns and how we dealt with them at the time, before talking about how we should deal with them.

Scouts and Firefighters

Thank you to the firefighters at Sighthill Fire Station!


At the end of the session, all those that took part received their First Aid stage 3 badge, a participation certificate, and a wristband to remind us of how to do CPR. It was excellently delivered by the firemen and women, and it seemed as if everyone involved had a blast.

Ben, Pink Panther ESU, Craigalmond District