Russell Shoulder – an appreciation

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Thank you Russell!

Russell has recently stepped down from his Regional and District roles after a Scouting career spanning over more than 30 years.

He started as a parent helper at Cubs for the 82nd Craigalmond (known as Inverleith at the time) in the 80’s and he was also Group Chair, Group Treasurer, Quartermaster and GSL over the years.

He also had many roles at District level including District Chair for nearly 10 years, District Training Adviser and he was an Active Support Manager, running the District Football competition as well as cooking for many Group, District and Regional events – he could be found on many occasions in the kitchen at Bonaly at 6am preparing the day’s meals.

Russell also held various Regional roles including Regional Adviser for Safeguarding and Safety, as well as Regional Trainer, running countless Safeguarding and other courses over the years, such as Trustees Workshops and Health and Safety courses.

Russell was awarded the Silver Acorn in May 2019 in recognition of his outstanding contribution at Group, District and Regional levels and we thank him for all he has done for Scouting and wish him well for the future.