Safe Scouting Premises Audit

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Example of a Scout Hall (for illustration only)

The Safe Scouting Premises Audit Tool has just been updated and should be used by all groups / Explorer units whether or not they have their own premises. 

The tool can be downloaded from: 

Safe Scouting Premises Audit | Scouts 

Note: The Audit Tool is designed for those who manage and operate any Scouting premises, be it your regular Group meeting place, a campsite or activity centre. This audit is focused on the delivery of safe scouting and should be a used as a local reflection on the current situation and used to help inform future actions.  

The questions posed within the audit are a prompt for the premises, not all will be relevant to every premises. You must still consider them all to identify which are relevant and which aren’t. 

 The audit covers the following aspects of premises safety: 

  1. Organisation of safety and management of the premises 
  2. Fire 
  3. Emergency procedures 
  4. Electrical 
  5. Gas 
  6. Asbestos management 
  7. Water quality 
  8. Access to premises 
  9. Chemicals and hazardous substances   
  10. Equipment 
  11. Incident reporting 
  12. Staff and volunteers 
  13. Guests and visitors 
  14. Contractor management 
  15. Working at height 
  16. Manual handling 
  17. First Aid 
  18. Catering 
  19. Housekeeping and general site 
  20. Plant machinery and equipment
  21. Vehicles 
  22. Protective equipment 
  23. Trees and Grounds management. 
  24. Are there any other features or practices on site that are not mentioned above that should be included in this audit and subsequent audits?  

The audit must be shared with those responsible for the premises and the volunteers (and staff) operating at it. Any actions identified within the audit or areas for development must be incorporated into an action plan which should be monitored to ensure that appropriate actions are taken.  

In addition, the audit should be shared with relevant Executive Committees and Commissioners so they have oversight of the assets they are responsible for and in order to offer support.  

The audit should then be repeated at least annually.  

Russell Shoulder 
Safety Adviser 
South East Scotland Scouts